CBC Kids Opportunity for Athletes aged 12-15

There will be an open casting call for athletes aged 12-15 for a fun new television show that’ll be shown on CBC Kids (as well as a major network in the United States). It sounds like a ton of fun.

The television show is looking for 10 of the best youth athletes across Canada and the USA.

These 10 athletes will not only be highlighting their own sport but will also be competing in each others sports! The idea is to feature future Olympians on their journey to their ultimate sporting goal. The series will also give each champion a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with world famous athletes and Olympians in each episode (who will mentor them while also offering up tips/techniques and of course encouragement along the way to being crowned North America’s first ‘All-Round Champion’!)

If you have any questions, please email/ask Mike Yerxa at: arccasting@marblemedia.com