Canadian Cycling Association Annual General Meeting (Oct 27-30)

The CCA AGM wrapped up today in Winnipeg.

A total of 30 Cycling Association representatives from across Canada were in attendance. Meetings took place over 3 days with a Social event at Fort Gilbraltar on Friday evening and an Awards banquet on Saturday evening.

John Tolkamp, CCA President, shared CCA’s Vision is to be a leading competitive cycling nation by 2020.

Many acheivements have been recognized by the CCA this past year including Canada hosting 20 UCI-level events and a 5 year trend in financial stability. The Primary sourse of revenues this year came from high performance ,based on strong athlete results.

Challenges ahead include the uncertainty of the 2015 Pan Am Velodrome, and the development of the CCA’s “Race Clean: Own Your Victory” anti-doping strategy given the recent doping infractions in Quebec.

A new governance model based on the new Corporation Canada Act will mean a 3-year process of transition to replace letters patent and by-laws with new charter documents also affecting NSO categories of membership and Board Structure.

Long Term Athlete Development implementation strategies remain a priority focus for Cycling and sport associations across Canada.

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