Canada Summer Games – Athlete Selection Requirements & Volunteer Staff Positions

The 2013 Canada Summer Games will be taking place in Sherbrooke, Quebec this coming August.  This event plays a key role in the Manitoba Provincial Program for both athletes and coaches.

Athlete Selection Criteria

Games is open to any athlete with a Manitoba Cycling Association racing members between 17-22 years of age. Athletes 16 years of age may attempt to earn a position on the team, but acceptance is conditional on approval of Cycling Canada granting an upgrade for them to participate at the 2013 CSG.

Full details of athlete selection requirements and events are available here.

Volunteer Staff Positions Available

The MCA provincial program is currently accepting applications for the position of Manager and mechanic for the upcoming Canada Summer Games. These positions are volunteer positions with all expenses being covered.

Anyone Interested in working with the MCA provincial program in the manager or mechanic role are encouraged to apply.  Dateline for applications is May 1, 2013.

The staff application form can be found here.