Bison Butte Update (April 2017)

Spring is here and we are happy to report that the course at Bison Butte has faired well!

In preparation for the Canada Games MTB events this summer (July 28-Aug13), there will be a number of scheduled maintenance days at the butte.

We are working on a schedule (weather permitting) and will communicate specific dates and timelines once finialized. Please check back periodically if you have an approved club ride at his location.

Clubs wishing to request club member rides at Bison Butte may send their requests to

Due to the high volume of requests at this time of year if you have not yet received approval via email please contact the office by phone at 204-925-5686 to inquire. 

We are working on longer range plans for Bison Butte (post games) with FortWhyte Alive and all property owners at the site.  We appreciate your patience as we work through the details.  Again we will communicate updates as wel have them, here.

In the meantime, only sanctioned activity is permitted at Bison Butte at this time.

  • Only MCA sanctioned/approved activities with MCA members are covered by insurance.  Details of the activity must be approved in advance by the MCA and on file with our insurance provider. If you have forwarded a request but have not received approval via email please contact the MCA by phone at 204-925-5686.  Please be aware that any other activity at Bison Butte is considered Trespassing by the landowner.
  • Read more about Club Activity requirements  here and here.
  • If you are interested in joining a MCA Affiliated Club in Manitoba you can find a list of clubs  here.
  • If you are interested in forming your own club or have additional questions about how to proceed, please contact the Manitoba Cycling Association Inc. at 204-925-5686

Stay Tuned for more details…