Bison Butte – Site Supervisor (casual/part-time)

Manitoba Cycling is looking for a part-time/casual site supervisor to oversee the Urban Green team summer staff  between June – August 2023  (approx 11 weeks).

Responsibilities include:

  1. Leading an Orientation session with staff in preparation for work at the site
  2. Working with construction workers hired onsite to ensure priorities are insync and staff are available/deployed for general maintenance activities as required
  3. Checking in with workers to answer questions/concerns and to set priorities and expectations
  4. Teaching/assisting workers with lawn mower, whipper snipers, tools (including stringing/fueling whipper snippers)
  5. Instructing staff on safety measures related to equipment operation, weather changes, self-care
  6. Ensuring tools and seacan are kept organized, clean, and supplies are replenished as needed
  7. Ensuring trails are regularily inspected for debris/signage repairs/trail repairs and priorities are set with team based on needs identified at site.
  8. Setting a weekly/monthly work schedule for summer staff
  9. Collecting timesheets twice a month
  10. Reporting into MCA Executive Director

If interested please contact Twila at Manitoba Cycling at 204-925-5686 or