Bison Butte Maintenance


Please join me in welcoming our 2022 Bison Butte maintenance crew:

  • Dennis Militere
  • Flynn Miller
  • Gavin Tryon
  • Jack Tryon
  • Jackson Smith
  • Julian White
  • Kashe Channer
  • Zahid Katoo

The 2022 crew is hard at work thanks to a Urban Green Team grant and Wayne Bishop who is this year’s volunteer site supervisor.  The crew will be onsite on selected days/hours between now and the end of August.

Just a friendly reminder, if you have questions about the trails or site, please direct to the MCA office:

If you are onsite and see the crew hard at work, please thank them for their efforts (photos would be great!). Although we have got off to a slow start due to weather and school,  we are making solid progress! Come and see what is new (but please don’t ride the trails when wet – Thank you!)

Bison Butte is on City of Winnipeg land and leased by FortWhyte Alive.

Manitoba Cycling maintains existing trails thru grants and volunteer efforts. 

If you are interested at volunteering at the site or perhaps applying for a future summer job, please email