Bison Butte Course – Closed (updated Oct 25/16)

Friendly Reminder that only sanctioned activity is permitted at Bison Butte.

Only MCA sanctioned/approved activities with MCA members are covered by insurance.  Details of the activity must be approved in advance by the MCA and on file with our insurance provider. If you have forwarded a request but have not received approval via email please contact the MCA by phone at 204-925-5686.  Please be aware that any other activity at Bison Butte is considered Trespassing by the landowner.

Read more about Club Activity requirements  here and here.

If you are interested in joining a MCA Affiliated Club in Manitoba you can find a list of clubs  here.

If you are interested in forming your own club or have additional questions about how to proceed, please contact the Manitoba Cycling Association Inc. at 204-925-5686



On behalf of the Canada Games Counsel, please be advised that the course
will be open for MCA Sanctioned/approved activities with MCA members only.

Unauthorized use is not permitted at this time as the course is still in
development, therefore it is closed to the general public.

It should be noted that this is the official Mountain Bike Competition Venue for the
Canada Summer Games in 2017. The Canada Games Counsel is the lead on
securing land agreements, etc. and is responsible for the facility until
the completion of the Summer Games. The MCA looks forward to continuing
with this legacy project to further develop local athletes and host sanctioned events.

Reminders for all MCA Sanctioned Activities:

– Wear a certified Cycling Helmets. Be aware of  your helmet’s lifespan. More details here
– Stay in Control.  Do not ride outside of your ability level
– Do not ride on trails that are wet or closed
– Visit the Club section of the MCA website here for information on Club Activities
– Club Ride Requirements  here