Birds Hill Park Rule Changes

As posted above, despite negotiations with the BHP authorities, some changes to the usage rules for BHP were required for road events.   Here are the notes of those changes:

Bike Lanes vs. Road

  • ITTs – riders must stay in the bike lane as much as possible; this means that giving wide berth to anything ahead is permissible.
  • TTTs, Handicaps & Road Races can use the road to the yellow line.

Marshalls, Pylons & Signage

  • 8 marshals are required for the loop.
  • Pylons are to be placed at 4 other entrance ways
  • Race in Progress signs to be posted (on our stakes) on the West Entrance where the road splits to go north or south and at the end of the East entrance where it meets with North Drive.
  • No advertising of any sort is permitted anywhere – no sponsor signage, etc.

 Follow Vehicle

  • No requirement for a follow vehicle for ITT or TTT
  • Follow vehicle for each category in Road & Handicap.  Handicap follow vehicles to be pulled if merged groups remain together.
  •  Follow vehicle to have flashing amber light and marked as “Race Vehicle”

 Vehicle Parking

Parking on the grass is no longer permitted. 

  •  We can use the East Beach parking lot, and thus will have to register and assemble riders at this point.
  • Riders will be neutralized to the top of North Drive and started at that point.  ITTs can start at the usual Pan Am start or closer to the East Gate.
  • ALL finishes (ITT or Road) must be at the usual Pan Am location, as we cannot finish any race near the intersection of East Gate or the downhill at Pine Ridge Trail.
  • We can put the usual finish tent at the Pan Am location, and medic vehicle should be parked here.

Marshall Points:

Here’s a map of BHP with the marshal points: (LINK)

Starting at the PanAm start and moving counter-clockwise, the Marshall points are as follows:

1 Pinewood Hollow

2 Camp Ground Entrance

3 Chickadee

4 Entrance to group use area

5 Tennis courts

6 Nimowin Road

7&8 One marshal on each side where North and South Drives intersect with Festival Drive/East Beach Entrance