Belgium Club – CX Numbers : Sep 4 (7-9pm)





Number Handout Night at the Belgian Club
Number and timing chips will be handed out at the Belgian Club on Thursday September 4th from 7 till approximately 9 pm. It is highly recommend that people attend this to avoid race day frustration. If you cannot attend you may have someone else do this for you if they bring your race licence with them.

Things you need to know about numbers

  • New numbers for cross season: You will be assigned new numbers for the cyclocross season, i.e. you cannot use your road numbers.
  • What’s your category: In order to obtain the proper number you’ll first need to know which category you’ll be racing in. See below.
  • Take care in the placement of your numbers: Make sure your numbers are clearly visible when they are on your jersey and you are in the riding position. You’ll likely have to test and move a couple of times, but it’s for your own good to get it right. We will be using a chip timing system, but the commissaires are ultimately responsible for order of finish and if they can’t make out your number you won’t be counted. See here for a good guideline.
  • The numbers wash well: Remove them from your jersey and wash after each race without the pins.
  • Number deposit: No number deposit will be required this season.
  • Being entered into the system the first time will take time: You cannot race without new numbers. Obtaining your race number, timing chip, and being entered into the system will take only a couple of minutes. But consider that when 50 other people are attempting to do the same on race day, you might wait as long 60 to 90 minutes when you’re panicking and your race is off in 30. I highly recommend that you attend the race number night at the Belgian Club, see below, where there will be extra volunteers and the process will go a lot smoother (or at least you can socialize and have a beer while waiting).   Note that race days are on a very tight schedule and races cannot be held because riders failed to give themselves enough time to account for this.

For more information on what you need to know for Cyclo-cross season, please visit :