Back 40 (MTB)

Host Club: Tinker Creek Cycle

Date: August 14, 2011

Race Organizers: Tim Loewen and Kevin Braun

Please visit the Tinker Creek Cycle website for the latest information, Online Registration, Course Map & Directions to the race.

Location: Tinker Creek, Manitoba. From Highway 3 in Morden, turn South on 1st Street (Route 100), then turn West on Willcocks Road (1 mile), then take the first left, heading South on Road 29W (gravel road, there will be signs at this point). Head South down 29W for six miles. The last half mile includes a dirt road that winds down through a ford crossing and back up. (Don’t bring your Porsche.) You will come to a "T" intersection, turn West (right) and follow the dirt road for about 100 meters. Take the marked entrance to the left and drive up the winding dirt road to the staging area overlooking the Pembina escarpment. There will be signs posted along the road.

Race Course Map & Description

Please visit the Back 40 website to see the course map.

Categories & Distances:

  • 50 KM Enduro (5 laps) – Adult (19 and over) male and female – MUST be an exterienced MTB racers. No first time racers.
  • 30 KM XC – (3 laps) Adult (19 and over) male and female
  • 10 KM XC – (1 lap) Adult (19 and over) male and female – Intended for those want to just have fun or new time racers.
  • Juniors, U17 & U15 (18 – 13 year old in 2011) -10 KM XC – 1 lap race (with the adults) –
  • U7, U9, U11, U13 (5-12 years old in 2011) – Kids course, lap counts depend on age Category. 15-30 minutes.

Sign in and Start Times:

8:30 am to 9:30am – Sign in & Walk up Registration for 50km Enduro

10 am – 50km Enduro Start

10 am – 10:45 – Sign in & Walk up Registration for Kids Categories (U7-U13)

11 am – Kids Races Start

10:00 am to 11:30 – Sign in & Walk up Registration for all Adult & Youth Categories

12 noon – 30km & 10km Races Start (including youth)


$35 pre-registration online for 50 km Enduro – Race Day Walk Up will be $45.

$25 pre-registration online for 30 km XC & 10 km XC – Race Day Walk Up will be $35.
$10 pre-registration online for Juniors, U17 & U 15 – Race Day Walk Up will be $20.
$5 pre-registration online for Kids – Race Day Walk Up will be $10.

Refund Policy – if the race needs to be rescheduled due to weather, we consider than entirely out of our control, so we will not offer refunds to those who have pre-registered and can not make the new race date.

MCA licenses are not needed, all racers are welcome, there is day insurance in place for all NON MCA racers.

T shirts will be available on site for Cash Only – very limited supply, first come, first served – $20.


Please visit the Back 40 website for more info and to register.


There will be Draw Prizes which will be open to all racers (not just the winners), including a Draw for a wheelset from


Light food (muffins, fruit and drinks) will be avaiable for all racers after the race.

Race Rules:

  • All racers bikes must operate a bicycle with both front and rear working brakes.
  • All racers must wear a CSA approved helmet while riding on OR off-course (even the parking lot).
  • All racers who do not finish MUST report to the officials at the Finishing Line to let them know they are not finishing.
  • Riders will NOT be permitted to pre-ride or ride on the course once the 50 km Enduro has started. If you wish to pre-ride, the course will be marked by 3pm the day before the race or before 10 am on August 14th.
  • Riders shall act and race with caution and respect for their fellow racers. They may be held responsible for any accidents that they cause.
  • It is the racers responsibility to know where to "lap" and where to "finish", if you do not know ask the officials during during Staging on the starting line BEFORE your race.
  • A racer must act in a sporting manner at all times and shall permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing or block in any way (so basically, let faster riders pass, do NOT obstruct them in any way).
  • If a rider exits the course for any reason, he/she must return to the course at the same point from which they exited (you must stay on the course).
  • Music players and electronic devises are NOT allowed by any racers during any events.
  • Handlebars must have end caps.
  • Glass containers are not allowed on the course, including the feed zone.
  • Spectators should not be on the actual trail of the course if possible, they are welcome to spectate from the sides of the course, but must be careful not to impede any racers.
  • Spectators can not help or assist racers with mechanicals.

Washroom & Public Courtesy:

Port-a-potties will be available at the race, please do not go "behind the trees" and please do not change your clothes in the open, use the port-a-potties. We are guests on private land and their are children and families present.