Attention ALL winter cyclists! Important Offer

Fatbiking? Cycling to work? Riding with friends?

Cycling Canada/Manitoba Cycling offers their members insurance coverage for Liability and Sports Accident when they are participating in “sanctioned activities” (including approved club rides).  Did you know that you may not have any coverage (above and beyond your Provincial health coverage) when participating in non MCA sanctioned activities?

Typically, any “activities” deemed outside our core insurance program, would not be covered, however, we can offer MCA members an optional Liability and Accident policy with No deductible which fills the gap.

We can offer all cyclists (who become general members) 24/7 coverage as a result of an accident directly arising from the use of a bicycle. Key features are as follows:

A. Third Party Liability Coverage $1,000,000

B. Personal Accident ($25,000 or $50,000 available) 


$1,000,000 Liability & $25,000 Accident Coverage: Basic Premiums $50 

$1,000,000 Liability & $50,000 Accident Coverage: Basic Premium is $100 

Further details on the coverage can be found (HERE)

How to apply:
1. Become a MCA member for a little as .16 cents per day (annually): (HERE

2. Complete the 24/7 liability & accident application (HERE)

3. Email your application to Peter Fetherston at Holman Insurance: 

or phone (905) 886-5630 Ext 1428 if you have any questions.

Even if you are not riding with a club, participating in MCA sanctioned events, or racing there are still personal benefits to becoming a MCA member.