Assistant to the Road Director

There are a number of truths about the MCA’s current Road/Cross Director, Gary Sewell: 1) he knows a ton about road racing, race organization, business organization, medicine, etc, etc; 2) he has a great idea – split the current director position into 2 board positions; 3) he’s the slowest man on earth when it comes to changing his new son’s diapers.

So we’ve come up with the idea of finding an assistant for Gary. That person would work closely with Gary this season to learn, copy or extract all that he knows about road racing. The person would come to Board meetings as an “invited guest” and participate in discussions;however, the person would not have a vote. All communications, discussions or decisions involving Gary would also involve the assistant. If all goes well, the assistant would let his/her name stand as a candidate for the Road Director, and Gary would let his name stand as a candidate for the Cross Director (to be created) at the AGM.

One person has already come forward; but to be fair to the membership, anyone else who is interested should contact me by Monday, April 30th. The full Board will make the decision on who will become the Assistant to the Road Director for 2012.