Assistant to the Road Director – Follow up

A couple of weeks ago we came up with the idea of finding an assistant for Gary Sewell, the MCA Road/Cross Director.

Two people came forward: Kim Mitchell and Rick Yaschyshyn. After a few conversations it became obvious that it would really be a shame to pick one and not the other. So the Board agreed to this solution:

Rick will become the Assistant to the VP, Andy Romanovych – Rick will help Andy in the tasks and projects that are required of the VP in the Duties of Directors policy. In our structure, the VP is responsible for coaching development and helping to collect information to support various MCA projects. Rick is well suited to getting involved in these tasks, given his background as a level 3 coach and lots of experience in sport administration. As well, Rick has some great ideas about club development, a topic on which we must make progress if we are to develop the competitive environment in the province. Because we’re not intending on changing the VP role at the Board, Rick will not be attending Board meetings.

Kim will become the Assistant to the Road Director. Kim started riding bikes in order to do Triathlon at the ripe young age of [over 21]. She races in three disciplines and is an assistant KOM coach. Professionally she teaches in the Nursing Faculty at Red River College (high-brow stuff like Research Methods and Scholarly Writing). Kim is the current president of the Tribalistic Triathlon Club and race organizer of the St. Malo Triathlon. And on top of all that, she’s the mom to two great kids, not-so-secretly writes novels, occasionally blogs, and spends way too much time on Facebook. Gary will mentor Kim as an “invited guest” at Board meetings, and if all works out, we’ll prepare the way towards creating a separate Cross Director position in the fall.

Please join me in thanking Rick and Kim for stepping up to help with the administrative aspects of our sport.

Jason Carter

P.S. Neither Rick nor Kim will be required to relieve Gary of his diaper-changing obligations. Been there, done that.