Are you looking to grow your club?

Why not schedule a Club “TRY-OUT” to attract new members this spring?

The “Try-out” option is a valid way to attract potential members.

A non-member can, on one occasion per season, be permitted to join a club ride if documented in advance and with the signing of a waiver. The ride must be under the supervision of an experienced ride leader.  Risk management and understanding the ability of a new rider is always important.

An individual may only attend a try-out program ride once. After this they must join the club to participate in any further activities.

Each ride must be a club sanctioned activity approved by the club president. The MCA must be aware/approve of the club ride in advance to the club activity being scheduled. Coverage through the National insurance Program does not apply to participation in unsanctioned cycling activity.

Competitive racing is not currently allowed under the Club Try-out program.

Non-members cannot be permitted to spontaneously join a club ride in progress. If the try-out participant is under the age of 18, the insurance waiver must be signed by a parent/legal guardian.

In the case of a “Try-out”, the non-member is covered for liability but not sport accident. The participating club members are covered for liability and sport accident. Your club is covered for liability. All are covered with no additional premium involved.

18+ Event Waiver

U18 Waiver for license (Parent Conscent)

Club Try Out tracking form