Apply Now!!! Dead Line March 31 Scholarships and Bursaries

Apply for a scholarship by March 31:

  • Manitoba Foundation for Sports Scholarships: Awarded to graduating high school students entering a post-secondary institution and to students in their second or subsequent year in a post-secondary institution.
  • Princess Royal Pan Am Scholarship Endowment Fund: A scholarship endowment fund that provides financial support for Manitoba’s high-performance athletes in their pursuit of excellence at the national and international levels of competition, while serving as a tribute to commemorate the Manitoba visit of Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal in 1999.
  • Fleming Family Hockey Coach Scholarship: Jennifer Fleming created the Fleming Family Hockey Coach Scholarship, in memory of her father Jake Fleming, and her brother Wayne Fleming, to recognize an upcoming Manitoba hockey coach who shows similar coaching and leadership traits that were characteristic of both Jake and Wayne.
  • Sport Manitoba Coaching Bursary: A bursary presented to four students who have demonstrated a commitment to coaching in Manitoba. Our goal is to encourage students to continue coaching while attending a post-secondary institution.

Sport Manitoba, its partners, as well as local and national philanthropists have a shared goal of highlighting athletic success in the province and providing opportunities for those involved in sport to continue growing within their chosen discipline.

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