Announcement: Coach database administrator

The MCA is pleased to announce that Dana Andres will be joining the association on a part-time, contract basis to assist with the management of club certification requirements as laid out in the Kids of Mud Leader Policy.

Dana is a recent graduate of the University of Manitoba where she completed her studies in Human Nutritional Sciences. As a coach for softball, she understands the coach’s perspective and the importance of safe sport for both clubs and sport associations.  Welcome Dana!

As a starting point, Dana will be reaching out to Kids of Mud club leads to confirm one point of contact within each club.  It is each Club’s responsibility to ensure their club volunteers and coaches understand the requirements. The key club contact will also collect all club paperwork for submission to the MCA and field questions from their coaches to Dana via email (and vice versa).    Dana’s role will involve supporting the key contacts, maintaining an up to date coach database, and provide reporting back to clubs and Manitoba Cycling as required.

Dana Andres email:


The MCA is committed to creating a sport enviroment that ensures the health, safety, and well-being of all participants (Athletes, coaches, and volunteers).  We thank you for your cooperation in ensuring our sport is safe and continues to meet the high standards our participants and community have come to expect.