A Message for MCA affiliated clubs & members in the Parkland area

MCA affiliated clubs & members in the Parkland area:

You may be aware that Asessippi is in the process of building some cycling trails.

On behalf of Wanda Guay, sales and marketing manager for the Asessippi Ski hill,  I am reaching out to MCA affiliated clubs in the area to invite you to a walking tour of the trails.

The trails are not yet open to the public or open for riding yet, however as a member of the MCA you are invited to get a sneak peek!

If you are interested please RSVP to cyclingmb@gmail.com by Monday, September 11 at noon. Please provide your club name and list of interested attendees.


Saturday, September 15th,  2018

1-5 pm

Shuttle to the top

Walking tour of the trail

BBQ & Beer discussion to follow for your feedback/comments

At Asessippi Ski Area, meet in the courtyard