2022 Community Coach Clinics – All KOM CLUBS

Attention clubs & community cycling coaches!

Dates have been set for this Spring’s Community Coach Clinics!  Please ensure you have completed all training pre-requisites listed below! 


PRACTICE PLANNING (max 20 people)

New dates are confirmed for Practise Planning.  You can either select to complete the training over 2 days (2 hour sessions per day) during the week, or

Tuesday April 5: 630pm – 830pm (virtual)  2 hours (Part 1 of 2) 

Thursday April 7: 6:30 – 8:30 pm (virtual) 2 hours (Part 2 of 2)

The above course has been broken down into two 2-hour sessions.  You will need to register for both dates above.


Saturday April 9: 930am – 1pm (virtual) 4 hours


BASIC BIKE SKILLS – Winnipeg (max 10 people per session)

Saturday April 30: 9am – 4pm (in-person)


Sunday May 01: 9am – 4pm (in-person)

Select and register for either April 20 or May 01

**Locations outside of Winnipeg TBC based on need**



Set-up Account

  1. All courses are posted to the Cycling Canada’s Learning Management hub. Login Url (Address) here : https://edu.cyclingcanada.ca

    If you do not already have an account you will need to set one up.    Click “Register” and then set-up an account with username and password. Save your username/password somewhere you can find it for future registrations.

  2. Once you have set-up an account you will receive a noreply email confirmation from Cycling Canada confirming your account.

Register for Course

  1. Login here : https://edu.cyclingcanada.ca

    Select “Course & Webinar Listing” to the left

  2. Under Course & Webinar Listing click the “Provincedropdown arrow and select Manitoba.  This will provide all virtual/in-person and online courses available


Manitoba Course Instructor:

Monika Robertson – Learning Facilitor (Manitoba):  mubouch@shaw.ca



  1. Cycling Foundations eLearning (1 hour on your own) $15:
  2. NCCP Making Ethical Decisions course and online Evaluation (4 hours, Online, facilitator lead) $40:
  3. NCCP Emergency Action Plan (15 mins, on your own) No Cost
  4. Practice Planning (2 x 2 hours – Online, facilitator lead) $45
    • Pre-requisites: Cycling Foundations eLearning, NCCP Making Ethical Decisions, NCCP Emergency Action Plan
  5. KOM Orientation (March 23, 7pm) NO COST
    1. Invite will be forwarded by Marty Gaudet: kom.mbcycling@gmail.com
    2. Delivery via zoom call
    3. This training is for all new Tier 1, 2 or 3 coaches and all other coaches who would like a program refresher.