2020 Race Calendar Meeting – Jan 16th


PURPOSE: To collaborate with all race disciplines to determine cycling’s 2020 sanctioned events.

WHEN:  January 16th, 2020.  6 pm Start

WHERE: Sport for Life Centre – 145 Pacific Avenue

WHO: Should Attend?

  • Club organizers responsible for individual events
  • Commissaires
  • Race Discipline Directors

Food/Drink will be available

See Updated Race Calendar Policy (HERE)

Discipline Committees:

Reminder to all clubs that they may appoint a Club rep to represent your club on each of the Race discipline committees.  Club Presidents or Club Reps should advise the discipline chair by email as to who will be representing their club and for which discipline.

Click (Here) to see an overview of how communication flows between members/clubs, clubs reps, and your MCA Discipline Coordinator.

MCA CommitteesRace Discipline /Program CoordinatorsRace Discipline Email address
Cyclo-cross Race DisciplineOlli Hyytiainen cx.mbcycling@gmail.com
Kids of Mud (Program)Cara Gillis kom.mbcycling@gmail.com
Mountain Bike Race DisciplineJ.P. Petersmtb.mbcycling@gmail.com
Road Race DisciplineTrevor AllenRoad.mbcycling@gmail.com
  • Committees are the representative voice of our stakeholders and have the mandate to inform decision making.
  • Committee collaboration ensures that all voices are heard. They influence the decisions that are made.
  • Ideas and concerns should be directed according to the reporting lines as defined in the organizational chart (Here).

Club reps, represent their Club.  Information flows from club members to the club rep. Club reps collaborate with the Discipline Coordinator and other race discipline Clubs Reps to decide on activities important to the growth and success of their race discipline.  Meetings are led by the Discipline coordinator.  Communication also flows from the Discipline coordinator to the committee.  Club reps are expected to keep their clubs & members  informed about the discipline they represent as well as take a working role on any actions/activities as deemed important by the Race discipline committee.

If you have any questions please contact the Discipline Coordinator as listed above or the MCA Executive Director at cycling.ed@sportmanitoba.ca or 204-925-5686