2019 Event Schedule – coming soon!

Thank you to the race organizers, officials, committee reps, and board members that attended this year’s race calendar meeting on Jan 9th. We have a nice balance of events to round out this year’s calendar. Stay tuned for further details.

Events will be reviewed/sanctioned by the MCA board of Directors at our meeting in January and posted to the website Event calendar by Feb 01/19.

We will be printing 2019 Race posters and pamphlets for distribution with your event dates. Please contact your Race Directors by Jan 25th if you have any changes to submit. Friendly reminder to submit a link with your race bible information to cyclingmb@ gmail.com asap so we can help promote your event!


Mountain bike – JP Peters mtb.mbcycling@gmail.com

Road – Don Rose. road.mbcycling@gmail.com

Cyclocross – Olli Hyytainen. cx.mbcycling@gmail.com