Help us grow Cycling!

Committees are a vital part of the Manitoba Cycling Association. When they work effectively, committees provide valuable insight and advice to the board of directors and staff, and can help the association acheive its goals and vision. Committees also connect the association with the attitudes and concerns of our members and serve as an important training ground for future leaders of the association.

All affiliated clubs of the Manitoba Cycling Association are encouraged to name a representative to each MCA committees. The role of the Committee representative is to ensure that communication flows from the club that they represent up to the Committee. They also ensure Committee decisions and direction are communicated back to their club members. See the MCA Organizational Chart which explains how communication is intended to flow (Here).

We would love to have your involvement, voice, and energy to help mould the future of cycling in Manitoba. Please inform your club president if you are interested in getting involved and then sign-up with the Committee Directors listed below:

  • Mountain Bike/Fatbike – JP Peters:
  • Road –  Don Rose: 
  • Cyclo-cross – Olli Hyytainen:
  • Kids of Mud Program – TBA:
  • BMX Program: Dave Dorning:

Planning for the 2019 season is well underway! Let’s make it the best one ever!