2017 Annual Award Winners

Thank you to the members of the MCA for submitting your Annual Award Nominations and to each race discipline committee for working thru the nomination process to determine final winners. Winners were announced at our Annual Banquet at FortWhyte Alive on Saturday, November 25th.

Annual Provincial & National Awards were received by:
-Graham Lock
-Alex Man
-Manitoba Cycling
-Kurt Penno
-Leah Kirchmann
-Amy Cooper
-Auckland LeBrun
-Jiri Skopalek
-Pam Little
-Carson Thompson
-Russell Thiessen
-Jayne Enns
-Rebecca Man
-Jason Wiebe
-Jessica Eyysens
-Trevor Shackleton
-Country Cycle
-Gregory McNeill
-Devo Manitoba
-Kailen Shackleton
-Mitch Ketler
-Chloe Penner
-Chris Prendergast
-Danick Vandale
-Arlene Woodcock
-Twila Cuthbert
-Jolene Dupuis
-Jim Prendergast
-Anna Schappert
-Ness Dalling
-Don Sawatsky

Congratulations to our 2017 Cup Jersey Champions:KOM, Road, MTB, CX (32 in total) and our Sport Manitoba Certicate of Merit Acheivement winners (68 in total).

A special Thank you to:
Steve Scoles – Master of Ceremonies
Gregory McNeill – Photography
Twila Cuthbert – Grace
Hal Loewen & Rick Brownlee – Lindsay Gauld Presentation