2016 “Club Affiliation Registrations” Deadline-Feb 15

Please affiliate your clubs by Feb 15 (this includes clubs that may not be active until later in the season).

Why?  Some members are competing out of province now, want to purchase 24/7 and bike insurance, participate in multiple disciplines, and have club activities they would like to participate in that require a license.  Race organizers, officials, and coaches all require a technical designation on their license which takes some additional time to verify.  Once the club has affiliated we will beable to add the club affiliation name to each members license and link information about each club to the MCA website.

If you need assistance please contact the MCA at 204-925-5686


Register Now

Attention all Club Presidents/Administrators:
All Clubs must affiliate with the MCA before individual licenses can be printed. A (new) online affiliation process has been set-up to collect affiliation fees and required information. Please click on the “Register Now” button above or click this link (ccnbikes.com/mca-2016-club-affiliation) to register your club with the MCA.

2016 Fees:

  • Club A: $125.00
  • Club B: $75.00

Click  here (2016 Club Affiliation Description) for a description of Club affiliation benefits

Clubs Reminders:

  1. All clubs are required to have a current (updated annually) Risk Management Plan in place,
  2. The MCA is required to have on file a list of all club activities (prior to the activity taking place), inorder for the activity to be covered under the insurance banner (2016 Club Rides).
  3. All individual club members must register annually with the MCA (via our online registration provider CCN) and pay the appropriate license/membership fee.

For Further information please visit the “Club” page here:  https://mbcycling.ca/club-information/