2013 Licenses are available !

To access our licensing site click (HERE).

Go to “existing users” on the “CCN site (cycle component network)  to renew your license from last year, or complete the new user section if you are purchasing a license for the first time.

Please note, that the following Rates will apply for MCA licenses for the 2013 calendar year:

  • UCI/CCA (over age 17)  $115.00.
  • UCI/CCA (under age 17) $70.00
  • MCA Citizen License (for 1rst season of racing only) $ 55.00
  • General (non-racing license) $48.00

Race licenses are multi-discipline and are valid for one calendar year.

All Licenses are Nonrefundable.


If you are interested in registering your child with the Kids of Mud (KOM) program please contact one of the KOM clubs listed  (HERE).

Please note, the KOM program fee is paid direct to the KOM club (not the MCA).

We anticipate all MCA license will be available to purchase online starting Feb 1,2013.  Stay tuned for more details !