2011 Race Season Wrap-up

7  months ago the snow had just melted and the beginning of our 2011 race season began with our first Road race in Whitemouth.   On November 6th, our final race of the season, “The Cyclocross Provincial Championships”, wrapped up in St Malo followed by a community Fall supper and Awards presentation.

Thank you for the hard work, dedication, and personal committment of all our Clubs, Race Organizers and their volunteers:  the Commissaires, officials, First Aid staff, Communities, Parents,  Coaches, and Athletes all that contibuted to our 2011 Race season.

Our entire race schedule is Volunteer driven from the Chairs that sit on the MCA board of Directors, to their committees made up of Club representatives and  race organizers that put on our races.  The organization, quantity, and quality of our races are dependant on our volunteers.

Behind the scenes there are many days, weeks, and even months  that go into planning and preparation, but creating a successful event is also rewarding and fun.

You can help create a successful 2012 race season with well organized, quality races in the following ways:

  • Chair a Race Discipline (Help lead a committee in the planning and delivery of our race calendar)
  • Be part of a committee (Mountain Bike, Road, Cyclocross, Kids of Mud, BMX).  Help create the change you would like to see.
  • Organize a Race (There are plenty of mentors in the community to help guide you. We need to ensure we do not burn out our current resourses).
  • Learn how to commissaire (and then support our officials at races to gain confidence)
  • Become a coach (help support our Kids of Mud, Provincial team, and 2012 Summer Games)
  • Volunteer (contact a race organizer and ask them how you can best support their race)
  • Pitch in on race day (help dismantle, marshall a corner, check-in with the race organizer to see how you can help)
  • Acknowledgment, Thanks, and Appreciation of our Volunteers

There are many components to a successful Race Season and a team effort can help us get there. If you have ideas of your own that could help contribute to our 2012 Race season please contact me at info@cycling.mb.ca

The MCA Annual General Meeting and Awards Banquet takes place on November 19th. We currently have positions posted for 3 out of our 4 Chair Positions:  Kids of Mud, Mountain Bike, and Road. 

It is critical that we fill these positions so that we do not lose momentum as we plan our 2012 race calendar to be finialized at the end of January.

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support.

Duty of Directors – approved Oct 19 2011 (2)