1) Sanction Event:
Before an event can be listed on the MCA Website it must be sanctioned by the MCA. (See “Event Sanctioning” below).
2) Secure Venue:
Organizer secures venue for event. Permits may apply. Proof of insurance (if required) can be obtained thru the MCA. Contract 204-925-5686.
3) Do you want to include non-licensed participants?
Complete (Commercial Event Application). Email:
4) Secure Commissaires (Race Officials):
Organizers contact the Chief Commissaires to confirm assignments. (See “Commissaire” section below)
5) Secure Timing System: (if required). Advise Commissaires on method of race timing.
6) Secure Medic: (see “Medical” below)
7) Secure Announcer: (if required)
8) Secure Volunteers: Marshalls, Registration desk, Equipment (Set-up/Take-down) etc.
9) Prepare Waivers: (see “waivers” below)
10) Set-up Online Registration: (if required). See “Online Registration” below
11) Complete Technical Guide for your event: (i.e.: “Race Bible”)
12) Complete Emergency Action Plan (EAP) MCA Emergency Preparedness Plan Final
Forward EAP to MCA Race Chair.
13) Advertise Event:
Post event details on your own club website (Race Bible, Online Registration link, Waivers, Map, and Poster). Send link to MCA
14) Equipment:
MCA Equipment is available for loan free of charge. Contact the MCA at 204-925-5686 for details and to arrange pick-up.


1) Results:
Email to the MCA at
2) Registration Paperwork:
Monies and paperwork (including License and Event waivers) collected for upgrades and new licenses need to be brought to the MCA office (145 Pacific Ave) for processing ASAP.

Note: Cup Races: A levy will be collected for all Cup races to offset race discipline expenses. For further details contact the Race coordinator listed under the “Discipline” tab.


1. Only licensed riders can participate in sanctioned races unless the race is covered by event insurance.
2. Race Organizers must be MCA members. Organizer must have a valid technical license confirming them as “organizers”
3. Organizing clubs must be affiliated with the MCA.


Event Responsibilities Road
Standard Road Entry Form – Word doc to be downloaded and customized for your event.
• Refer to Road section under the Discipline Tab for other information.(Including Race Director Contact Info)


MTB Racing Manual – Information for Racers. 2015 edition.
MCA MTB Race Categories – Information on moving up or down in race categories. 2010 edition.
Mountain Bike Race Organizers Manual & Technical Document – 2010 edition.
• Refer to MTB section under the Discipline Tab for other information (Including Race Director Contact info).


• Annual Events for all Race Disciplines are sanctioned by the MCA Board of Directors following the Race Calendar meeting which takes place in January. All Organizers are invited and encouraged to attend. Teleconferencing can be arranged. More Details (Here).
• Sanctioned Events are posted to the MCA website by the first week of February.
• Event Cancellations – MCA statement on event cancellations
• If you have an event that you want sanctioned outside of the January Race calendar meeting please complete and forward to Application (Sanctioning outside of Race Calendar).


Commercial Event Insurance: This is the most commonly requested insurance application which allows non-licensed participants try a MCA Sanctioned race. Application:
• Other Insurance Forms (Here)
National Insurance Program – Go here for all your Insurance questions and all forms.


• Commissaires are the sports officials for bicycle races in each cycling discipline. Their responsibilities are to ensure a safe and fair play competition, in accordance with UCI/MCA Rules and Regulations.

• FEES: $75/day per Commissaires + gas cost from the perimeter + lunch.

• More information (including contact info) (Here)


Medic Qualifications:
Medics need to be certified in providing pre-hospital care for medical emergencies. They have more skill than someone who is trained in basic first aid but they are not a substitute for advanced medical care rendered by emergency medical technicians (EMTs), emergency physicians, nurses, or paramedics. Certification requirements include: CPR, automated external defibrillator usage, spinal and bone fracture immobilization, and advanced first aid.
Courses available (Here).

Community Partners: (Please contact directly)
Robert Paige: 204-583-7474. Fee: $150.00 per race for races in the city. Contact for out of city rates.

Ski Patrol Contact Allan @


1) Adult 18+ Event Waiver is a full-on release of liability including negligence, COVID and assumptions of risk.
2) Youth U18 Event Waiver (Parent Consent). The youth waiver is an informed consent, no waiver of negligence, COVID,  indemnification from the parent/guardian and assumption of risk.


Contact: Phil Deguise at CCNBikes: or 1-866-534-2453
Registration Fees collected will be direct deposited to the Club/Organizers Bank Account.
Provide: Race Bible, and Event Waivers (above). Ensure you add your club and event name to the waiver.


MCA Emergency Preparedness Plan
Incident report.
AED Defibrillators For Loan
Special Event & Permit Request Provincial Parks
Special Events Application – Birds Hill Park
Race Registration Documents