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Gallagher Insurance Brokers Ltd. is now working with the Cycling Canada to provide a National Insurance program for members in good standing with the Manitoba Cycling Association. Cycling Canada negotiates the overall insurance program on behalf of the participating Provincial Associations. The Provincial Association in turn administers the program, on a day-to-days basis, as it is related to members, affiliated clubs, and sanctioned events.

Designed exclusively for Cycling Canada, this program is intended to protect all events, clubs, teams, their members, players, coaches, officials, managers, directors, officers, auxiliary workers, employees, volunteers and administrators for all Manitoba Cycling Association sanctioned events and /or approved activities. Sanctioned events and approved activities include but are not limited to club rides, club meetings, competitions, organized training and camps, events, seminars, clinics, fundraising activities and tours abroad for the membership.

  • Details of the Cycling Canada National Insurance program can be accessed HERE
  • 2021 Insurance Program Summary Click HERE for PDF
  • NEW – Specialty Insurance Options (24/7, Shops, Bikes) (Link available soon)
  • Sport Accident Claim Form: (Link available soon)
  • New (2021) Adult (18+) Event Waiver CLICK HERE
  • New (2021) Youth (U18) Event Waiver CLICK HERE

Cyclists’ Responsibility Code

Cyclists, pedestrians and motorists must learn to coexist on the road together. For everyone’s safety, the cyclists’ responsibility code offers 10 tenets to help prepare cyclists and bike riders to avoid crashes, share the road, stay safe and have fun.

  1. Always stay in control. You must be able to ride safely among others, to come to a complete stop, and to avoid obstacles – all without causing harm to yourself or others. You must only participate in events that match your fitness and ability level.
  2. You must be familiar with the course and the environs.
  3. Do not ride on any course if you are not participating in that field/event.
  4. Obey, at all times, the rules governing this sport and the rules governing this event. Observe and obey, at all times, all event signage and personnel, including event staff, marshals, commissaires, security staff, and police officers.
  5. You must always wear an approved helmet at all times while astride your bicycle during this event.
  6. Use only equipment with which you are familiar and which is in good working order.
  7. Do not stop where you may obstruct the race in progress or where you are not visible to oncoming riders or others.
  8. You must not participate in the event if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, excessively fatigued, or if you are dizzy or ill.
  9. If you do not finish the event you must clearly report to a commissaire or designated event staff that you are withdrawing.
  10. Understand the risks of this sport and take time to read and understand all documents you are signing, as well as this Cyclists’ Responsibility Code.

Know the code – Be safety conscious. It is your responsibility to stay safe and keep others safe around you.