MCA Cyclocross Coordinator (2020-2022)

Who doesn’t LOVE cyclocross ?

The cycling discipline of cyclocross has been successful in Manitoba because of the people, clubs, committee, and passionate individuals that have created “a community”. It is loved by athletes, volunteers, and spectators. It offers “an experience” that people want to be a part of.

Please help us keep the momentum going! The MCA is looking for a Cyclocross Coordinator for a two (2) year term. Elections will take place At MCA’s Annual General Meeting on Friday, November 22, 2020.


The Cyclocross Coordinator, in consultation with his/her committee shall have general responsibility for any and all aspects of Cross Cycling and competition in the Province of Manitoba, including:

a) The establishment of a schedule of races for the racing season during the joint race setting schedule meeting.

b) Arranging results collection for media releases.

c) Tallying points for Cup Series Competition and other events or competitions.

d) Ensuring that all Cross trophies and awards are ready and available for presentation at the Awards Night and that appropriate individuals have been identified to receive these trophies and awards during a CX committee meeting at least 30 days before the MCA Banquet.

e) Representing athletes’ views to the Board and working with MCA committees representing athlete concerns as required.

f) The development of programs for Cyclocross Commissaires, in consultation with the Chief Road Commissaire.

g) Call a meeting of the Cross Bike Committee as required.

h) Update budget forecasts on a monthly basis

i) Attend meetings of the Board of Directors as required

j) Maintain the Cyclocross section of the MCA website

l) Any other duties as are from time to time prescribed by the Board.

Lots of great talent in this area! Here are your current and past leaders: Olli Hyytiainen, Cindy Brown, Terry Macyk, Gary Sewell

We need to find our next great leader! Please contact Olli at or Twila Cruickshank at 204-925-5686 or cycling,