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The City is launching the engagement process for the Transportation Master Plan: 2050. This fall, we will be hosting virtual meetings (via Zoom) to gain input on stakeholder priorities and needs for the project.

The Transportation Master Plan is under review and we are asking for your input over the next year to help us get where we are going as a city. The Transportation Master Plan provides the blueprint for how Winnipeg’s walking, cycling, transit, and road network should be built to support future growth and change.

A lot has changed since the Transportation Master Plan was last approved in 2011:

  • Since 2010, the City’s population has grown 10 times faster than previous decades.
  • Today, one-third of trips are made by sustainable travel options like carpooling, ride hailing, cycling, walking, and transit.
  • Despite the rise in sustainable travel options, the car continues to be the mode of choice, which reflects how the City has developed over the last 60 years.
  • New automotive technologies (electric vehicles) and business models (Uber) are transforming mobility.
  • COVID-19 has changed how our society works and has affected our travel behaviour.

Transportation Master Plan: 2050 (TMP2050) will provide the vision for transportation in Winnipeg over the next 30 years. By focusing on six core supporting background studies – goods movement, regional transportation, emerging technologies, walking and cycling, traffic management, and future options and opportunities – TMP2050 will ensure that the City’s transportation system supports quality of life and economic vitality through the safe, efficient, connected, and barrier-free mobility of people and goods using a choice of modes and sustainable connections.

Important decisions will be made as TMP2050 unfolds that will affect neighbourhoods and Winnipeg as a whole. This is why the City is inviting your organization, as a City-wide transportation stakeholder, to engage in the TMP2050 process. Please consider joining the City in discussing your perspectives, experiences, and opinions on the future of transportation in Winnipeg.

The meetings will introduce the project and provide a forum to discuss City-wide concerns and interests in support of TMP2050. This information, along with the data from the six core supporting studies, will then be used to develop the proposed strategies and recommendations in the Draft TMP2050 Report. Additional stakeholder activities will be scheduled from January to March 2021.

See the attached TMP2050 Factsheet and Stakeholder Engagement Notice for further information.

For more information, please visit the project website:

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