National Coaches Week: Supporting Your Coaches Online Seminar – September 23rd

To celebrate National Coaches week, Sport Manitoba Coaching, is offering a seminar for PSO’s on the topic of Supporting your Coaches

As coaches, sport admin professionals and volunteers we inherently understand what athletes need to be successful and to perform at their best.  There is less understanding around what coaches need to perform and how, as a sport system, we can support and sustain the performance of coaches. This session will provide insight into the day to day experiences of coaches as their performance needs as well as discuss tools and practices that can aid organizations in supporting the performance of their coaches in a holistic and sustainable way. 

Donna Harris will facilitate this seminar.  Donna is a Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC) skilled in program development and execution. Donna has also led programs with Athletics Canada, Athletics Manitoba, and Racquetball Canada, and holds a Master of Arts in Kinesiology. Her thesis is on the impact of passion on the performance and lives of elite coaches and their partners. Donna is a wellness consultant in the private sector. She is a co-founder of Toogood Consulting and the Heroes in Our Midst podcast.

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 23

Time: 10 am-11:30 am

Cost: No fee

To register for this Zoom seminar please email Gena Cook at

You will be sent a link to the Zoom meeting before the event.

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