Congratulations to the 2016 MCA Award Recipients (Updated Nov 30)


The 2016 Cycling Year officially came to an end at the MCA AGM & Awards Banquet on Saturday, November 26th.  It was a year to remember!  The MCA issued over 1100 licencees with over 400 of those just for Kids of Mud! 

The Board of Directors would like to thank everyone for participating, volunteering, organizing, officiating and/or supporting the many events offered on this past years calendar.  In particular, several individuals and teams were recognized as recipients to the many special achievement awards that were handed out during the evening.

The following is a list of award recipients for the 2016 season:


Kids of Mud

Cup Jersey Winners: Soren Weslake, Eryn Guenter, Adam Smith, Aimee Gauthier, Marcus Hubner

Coach of the Year: Don Rose

Volunteer of the Year: Bev Lockie


Mountain Bike

MTB Cup Winners: Jason Wiebe, Anna Schappert, Carson Thompson, Derek Kitching, Nicola Bistyak, David Brodeur, Jayne Enns, Craig Cowter, Marlis Jabs, Derek Kitching, Nicola Bistyak, Miriam Huebner, Adam Vermette, Nathan Man, Maia Dalling.

Most Promising Rider: Kailen Shackleton

Most Improved Rider: Donna Sulz

Top Female Rider: Jayne Enns

Top Young Female Rider: Rebecca Man

Top Male Rider: Jason Wiebe

Top Young Male Rider: Carson Thompson

Sportsmanship Award: Jon Guenter

Commissaire of the Year: Hal Loewen

Organizer of the Year: Alter Ego Cycling Club

Volunteer of the Year: Jonathan Thompson and Michelle Andres

MTB Club Points Award: Dark Red Racing

MTB Rider of the Year: Jason Wiebe



Road Rider of the Year: Danick Vandale

Most Promising Rider: Scott English

Most Improved Rider: Mitch Ketler

Top Female Rider: Leah Kirchmann

Top Young Female Rider: Chloe Penner and Rebecca Man

Top Male Rider: Danick Vandale

Top Young Male Rider: Oliver Evans

Sportsmanship Award: Mike Payment

Commissaire of the Year: Nicole Bistyak

Volunteer of the Year: Karin McSherry and Monika Robertson

Organizer of the Year: The Provincial Program



Cyclocross Cup Winners: Ari Robinson, David Brodeur, Rebecca Man, Jon Harington, Eryn Guenter

Male Rider of the Year: Jason Wiebe

Female Rider of the Year: Rebecca Man

Young Male Rider of the Year: Carson Thompson

Young Female Rider of the Year: Chloe Penner

Person of the Year: Ari Robinson


Other Awards

Century 21 Interdisciplinary Challenge Winners:  Cindy Brown and Cody Brown

Provincial Program Volunteer of the Year: Alex Man

Erick Oland Sr. Memorial Award: Danick Vandale

Lifetime Achievement Award: Marian Pyszczek


Order of Sports Excellence Awards

Silver Medal Recipients: Kurt Penno and Leah Kirchmann

Award of Merit: Adam Smith, Whitley Stephanec, Lucas Thompson, Katherine Peters, Kailen Shackleton, Mitchell Ketler, Jason Wiebe, Anna Schappert, Ness Dalling, Rebecca Man, Peter Loewen, Peter Loewen, Jayne Enns, Russell Thiessen, Jiri Skopalek, Matthew Glowacki, Cindy Brown, Vanessa Peters, Austin Legault, Marc Fournier, Nen Van Den Bosch, Alexander Bistyak, Auckland LeBrun, Cheryl Koop, Charlene Guenter, Jane Payment, Zoe Penno, Eryn Guenter, Ari Robinson, Carson Thompson, Chris Graham, Thomas Steur, Chris Prendergast, Daniel Fainstein, Scott English, David Hamm, Mary Prendergast, Chris Ashley, Gary Sewell, Leon Fainstein, Derek Eidse, Jennifer Reaburn, Donna Sulz, Cale Bergman, Pierre Dupuis, Matthew Boyle, Sonia Tessier, Miriam Huebner, Scott Jardine, Tristen Ryz, Graham Lock, Teagan Algeo, Mohammed Alabdouslam, Eric Schinkel, Bradley Kulchycki, Cody Brown, Nathaniel Man, Medeleine Dupuis, Drew Romanovych, Aaron Carter, Marshall Nardella, Chris Huebner, Ian Hall, Kurt Penno, Ruban Potash, Maia Dalling, Brendan Merchant, Tim Friesen, David Brodeur, Jon Peters


Upcoming Events
  1. Manitoba Cycling Association Inc. Annual General Meeting

    November 20 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm