2020 has been a challenging year for sport, but also a great opportunity to reflect on the many facets of cycling where positive change is possible. Now more than ever the MCA needs a dynamic team to help to continue to move cycling in Manitoba forward. Please join our cycling executive to ensure not only the health of the association remains strong, but that we can increase opportunities for our members, support their endeavours within the community, and continue to grow cycling as a viable sport and recreational activity in Manitoba.

The following MCA Board positions are up for Election this November:

  1. President
  2. Treasurer
  3. Mountain Bike Director
  4. Road Director
  5. Cyclocross Director
  6. Kids of Mud Director
  7. Recreation & Transportation Director
  8. Marketing & Communications Director

Board Elections will take place on November 20th, 2020 at MCA’s AGM. Please pre-register to attend (Here)! Anyone can attend, but only MCA members can vote. We will send further details to you via email.

Full list of Board positions, current directors, and incumbents

Board members must be eighteen (18) years of age, or older, and be members of the association in good standing. Each position is for a 2 year term.

Please contact MCA Executive Director, Twila Cruickshank for further details: or 204-925-5686.

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Important Message from Public Health


Dear MCA Clubs/Members/Partners,

The following information has been received from Public Health and we ask that you please distribute it as widely as possible within your networks, including facilities and community centres.

 People engage in a number of different types of recreational activities on a regular basis.  Public health officials recognize the importance of physical activity in one’s everyday life and want to encourage all Manitobans to find the safest ways to remain physically active during this pandemic. However, the risk of spreading COVID19 in those who participate in recreational activities is a valid concern. 
Different sports have different levels of risk.  For example, playing table tennis with someone where physical distancing can be maintained for the entire game likely represents a lower risk activity. Alternatively, a hockey game with ongoing interactions throughout the game would represent a higher risk activity.  Regardless of time, a single interaction of less than two metres/six feet (such as a body check) could potentially lead to the transmission of COVID-19.
Please be advised the definition of a close contact that is used in public health includes:
close contact (within two metres/six feet) with a confirmed or probable case someone for 15 minutes or more;


has had direct contact with infectious body fluids of a probable or confirmed case regardless of contact time. It is important to note that if a person who tested positive for COVID-19 was involved in a recreational activity during their communicable period, public health investigations would include everyone involved in that event. This includes before, during and after the event, and would involve players, coaches, spectators, officials and anyone else who may be at risk. 
Following the risk assessment, public health may determine there was zero risk and there would be no need for anyone to self-isolate (quarantine). Or, the risk assessment could determine that all those involved would be at risk and would have to self-isolate (quarantine) for 14 days.
A game is played where physical distancing was practiced before and after the game. However players awaiting their turn to actively participate (sitting on the bench) did not physically distance during the game.  A player subsequently becomes COVID-19 positive and it was determined that during the communicable period they participated in the game.  Public health may deem all those on the COVID-19 positive player’s team, including coaches and affiliated staff, to be close contacts and therefore everyone may have to quarantine.
It’s important to note that the use of a mask would not affect the public health investigations. Public health recommends (and sometimes requires) using a mask to help lower the risk of transmission.  But because the science is still evolving, it is not yet known if a mask has more benefit for others or the person wearing the mask. In addition, there is no way to know if someone used their mask properly. This means public health can not be certain that wearing a mask has provided sufficient protection to lower the risk assessment. This doesn’t take away from the advice to wear masks to lower everyone’s risk. 
As the risk of COVID-19 can never be zero we must weigh the benefits and risks in participating in recreational activities. Public health officials have made recommendations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 for those involved in sport. For more information, visit:
These guidelines have been developed to lower the risk of COVID-19 as much as possible, given the risks that will continue to exist in group physical activities.  Following the guidelines is essential to lower everyone’s risk of being infected.  However, even if all guidelines are followed, there may still be times when public health will consider an exposure to be high enough risk that participants will be required to self-isolate (quarantine).
For accurate, timely information on COVID-19, you can also visit

Thank you,
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Calling all Bike Lords! Registration closes Oct 1 midnight!

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Youth Day Camps – Coming Soon!

5 days a week M-F/9am-5pm

Ages 8 to 13

Lots of variety

Start date: July 20

Watch for more details!

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Insurance Q & A Webinar – June 10th – 7 pmCST

Thankyou to everyone who submitted their insurance questions.

Tonight’s webinar will be co-hosted by Manitoba Cycling Association, Alberta bicycle Association, Saskatchewan Cycling Association, and the Ontario Cycling Association.

Start-time: 7pm CST

Password: 932645

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Multi-sport prep – Jan 28

As we prepare for this evening’s program start, we would like to thank you for your registration and pass along the information you’ll need for your first practice.​

Your speed skating coaches Aaron and Mark will be waiting for you in Club Room 2 at the Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre (999 Sargent Ave).  

Please be sure to dress appropriately for the weather – Environment Canada’s current forecast is for -10c temperatures with moderate winds.  

Remember that your child will also need a helmet and gloves for these skating sessions.

Please arrive 15 minutes early for this first session, so we can fit you for skates.

Parents can watch in the warmth from the upstairs viewing area.  Or, if you are feeling inspired, let us know we can get some skates for you to try as well!

Thank you on behalf of MCA, MSSA, CCSAM, and TriMB!

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Multi-Sport clinic kick-off tonight – Jan 28!


Goal: Provide Children and parents with an endurance sports training program that encourages skill and fitness progression, while maintaining the multisport variety that helps keep options open and allows kids to connect with multiple experiences and friends.

Delivery: Program delivery will involve four periods, each assigned to a specific sport as follows:

  • Speed Skating – January 28, February 4, and 11
  • Cross-Country Skiing – February 18, 25, and March 3
  • Cycling (Mountain Bike) – April 21, 28, and May 5
  • Triathlon (duathlon) – May 12, 19, and 26

Workouts will take place on Tuesday evenings, in two sessions – the first group will workout from 5:15 – 6:15 pm, with a second group schedule for 6:45 -7:45 pm.
NOTE – Please be sure to register for the session you wish to attend, as it will not be possible to switch times from week to week.


  • Speed Skating – Susan Auch Oval at Cindy Klassen Rec Centre
  • Cross-Country Skiing – Windsor Park Nordic Centre
  • Cycling (Mountain Bike) – Bison Butte Mountain Bike Area
  • Triathlon (duathlon) – King’s Park for May 12 & 19 – Birds Hill Park for event on May 26

NOTE – The summer locations are subject to whatever our spring delivers.  If these areas are too wet, alternatives will be found which are as convenient as possible.

Equipment: Program participants will need to have continued access to a mountain bike (in good working condition) and certified helmet for this program. It is also important they have suitable clothing for outdoor exercise during the winter months.

Cost: $99 per child

Equipment requirements for each phase will be as follows:

  • Speed Skating – Helmet and appropriate clothing. Skates will be provided for those that don’t have their own.
  • Cross-Country Skiing – Appropriate clothing. Skis, boots, and poles will be provided for those that don’t have their own.
  • Mountain Biking – Appropriate clothing, helmet and mountain bike
  • Duathlon – Appropriate clothing, helmet and mountain bike


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Multi-Sport starts in 1 week (Jan 28). Register Now!

Coach Aaron Carter teaching the “cycling portion” of Multi-Sport 2019!


There will be two sessions running for youth ages 8-12 starting Tuesday January 28th! Don’t miss this opportunity to get your child enrolled in this multi-sport opportunity for just $8.25 a session.

Your can choose either session #1, or session #2, or back to back sessions. Each session will run for 1 hour and you get the benefit of cross training in Four (4) Sports: Speedskating, Cross Country Ski, Cycling, Duathalon.

  • Session #1: Starts @ 515pm. Finishes @ 615pm $99.00 for 12 clinics
  • Session #2: Starts @ 6:45pm. Finishes @ 7:45pm $99.00 for 12 clinics

Program Details (HERE)

Register Online Now: (HERE)

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2020 Race Calendar Meeting – Jan 16th


PURPOSE: To collaborate with all race disciplines to determine cycling’s 2020 sanctioned events.

WHEN:  January 16th, 2020.  6 pm Start

WHERE: Sport for Life Centre – 145 Pacific Avenue

WHO: Should Attend?

  • Club organizers responsible for individual events
  • Commissaires
  • Race Discipline Directors

Food/Drink will be available

See Updated Race Calendar Policy (HERE)

Discipline Committees:

Reminder to all clubs that they may appoint a Club rep to represent your club on each of the Race discipline committees.  Club Presidents or Club Reps should advise the discipline chair by email as to who will be representing their club and for which discipline.

Click (Here) to see an overview of how communication flows between members/clubs, clubs reps, and your MCA Discipline Coordinator.

MCA CommitteesRace Discipline /Program CoordinatorsRace Discipline Email address
Cyclo-cross Race DisciplineOlli Hyytiainen
Kids of Mud (Program)Cara Gillis
Mountain Bike Race DisciplineJ.P.
Road Race DisciplineTrevor
  • Committees are the representative voice of our stakeholders and have the mandate to inform decision making.
  • Committee collaboration ensures that all voices are heard. They influence the decisions that are made.
  • Ideas and concerns should be directed according to the reporting lines as defined in the organizational chart (Here).

Club reps, represent their Club.  Information flows from club members to the club rep. Club reps collaborate with the Discipline Coordinator and other race discipline Clubs Reps to decide on activities important to the growth and success of their race discipline.  Meetings are led by the Discipline coordinator.  Communication also flows from the Discipline coordinator to the committee.  Club reps are expected to keep their clubs & members  informed about the discipline they represent as well as take a working role on any actions/activities as deemed important by the Race discipline committee.

If you have any questions please contact the Discipline Coordinator as listed above or the MCA Executive Director at or 204-925-5686

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It’s a wrap! AGM & Awards Banquet highlights

November 23, 2019 – A great cycling season wrapped up at the German Society of Winnipeg this past Saturday evening.

Thank you to the 130 attendees who celebrated with us and congratulations to all of our 2019 award recipients. 2019 Award Winners (Here)!


Click (Here) for more photos!

A special thanks to master of ceremonies great – Steve Scoles, Gregory McNeil for photographing the event, and Twila Fillion for coordinating community pics to enjoy over dinner.

We would like to acknowledge all the fine people who captured our community with their cameras and shared their photos with us: Thank you: Ray Peters, Mike Carroll, Leslie Fitt, Erin Thiessen, Ruth Schappert, Emily Payne, David Ristau, Rod Colwell, and Greg McNeill.

Last but not least, thank you to our special guest “Michael Van Den Ham” who made a special trip to Winnipeg to be with us Saturday night.

2020 plans are officially underway – get ready to rummmbbbllleee!

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MCA Annual Banquet ticket sales extended to midnight Nov 18 **FINAL CALL**

CLICK (HERE) to purchase your banquet tickets! Tickets are available to purchase until midnight, Nov 18th only. Don’t miss your chance to hear from Manitoba born Michael Van Den Ham!

Featuring guest speaker and 3rd time Canadian Cyclocross Champion – Michael Van Den Ham
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Multi Sport – Grants Old Mill @ 6pm (Tues, Apr 23/19)

Tuesday, April 23 – GRANT’S OLD MILL – 6pm START

Grant’s old Mill” is located between Portage Avenue and the Grace Hospital in St James. Address: 2777 Portage Ave at Booth Drive. There is a small Parking lot off of Booth Drive, or parking is available on the street.

More details about Mountain Bike (HERE)

Click (HERE) for google Map

Questions/concerns: please call the MCA office: 204-925-5686

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This Week in Racing!



See you next year!



MCA Year End Banquet and Awards is up next on November 25th. More information HERE

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Road Test Event -Early Bird Discount Ends May 01

If you are planning to register for the Road Test Event at Birds Hill Park on May 13, the price will go up by $20 at midnight.

Register Today!

Details (Here)

Register (Here)



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Race Calendar Meeting – January 14th,2015

PURPOSE: To collaborate with all race disciplines to determine cycling’s 2015 sanctioned events.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 14th,2015.  6pm start

WHERE: Sport for Life Centre – 145 Pacific Avenue

WHO: Should Attend?

  • Club organizers responsible for individual events
  • Commissaires
  • Race Discipline Directors


See Race Calendar Policy (Race Calendar Setting Policy)


Discipline Committees:

As we prepare for the 2015 race season and Race calendar meeting on  Wednesday January 14th, I am sending out a reminder to all clubs that they may appoint a Club rep to represent your club on each of the Race discipline committees.  Club Presidents or Club Reps should advise the discipline chair by email as to who will be representing their club and for which discipline.

Click (Here) to see an overview of how communication flows between members/clubs, clubs reps, and your MCA Discipline Coordinator.

Race Discipline Race Discipline Coordinator Race Discipline Email address
Cyclo-cross Terry Macyk
Kids of Mud Seema Saini
Mountain Bike Jackson Locken
Road Brendan Cade
  • Committees are the representive voice of our stakeholders and have the mandate to inform decision making.
  • Committee collaboration ensures that all voices are heard and influence the decisions that are made.
  • Ideas and concerns should be directed according to the reporting lines as defined in the organizational chart (Here).

Club reps, represent their Club.  Information flows from club members to the club rep. Club reps collaborate with the Discipline Coordinator and other race discipline Clubs Reps to decide on activities important to the growth and success of their discipline.  Meetings are led by the Discipline coordinator.  Communication also flows from the Discipline coordinator to the committee.  Club reps are expected to keep their clubs & members  informed about the discipline they represent as well as take a working role on any actions/activities as deemed important by the Race discipline committee.

If you have any questions please contact the Discipline Coordinator as listed above or the MCA Executive Director at or 204-925-5686

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AWARDS BANQUET – Deadline to Purchase tickets – Nov 12

Awards powerpoint photo


We have a lot to celebrate – please join us on Sunday, November 16 for our Annual Awards Banquet!

Deadline to purchase your MCA Banquet tickets is Wednesday, November 12th!

Online link to purchase tickets:

  • $35.00/Adult
  • $15.00/Children age 12 and under


DATE: Sunday, November 16th

 LOCATION: Norwood Hotel/112 Marion St


  • ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (Including MCA Board Elections): 0930am (Free)
  • BRUNCH/AWARDS BANQUET: 1130am (Tickets required)



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Mountain Bike Provincial Championships – Saturday Aug 2nd

MTB 13



MTB Provincial championships

Saturday, August 2

Falcon Ski Hill

Race Details (Click Here)

Online Registration closes Aug 1 at midnight




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Commissaire Course (Road/Cross) RSVP by March 10






Commissaires play a critical role in our sport, ensuring that cycling races are held in the best possible conditions and that races are run fairly by ensuring that the rules are uniformly applied.  The MCA is pleased to provide the entry level course for those that are interested in becoming a Commissaire.

The structure of the course is as follows:

Technical – 2 days of classroom training Practical Assessment – Officiate in a training capacity under the guidance of the instructor

The Technical Course will introduce you to the basics of being a Commissaire as well as fundamental officiating skills (e.g. Timekeeping, Finish Judging, equipment check, etc.)  The goal of the training at this level is to build awareness and understanding of how to apply the regulations while learning to execute the officiating skills for the Road & Cross discipline competently.   Upon completion of the course, each candidate will be expected to successfully pass a Practical Assessment via officiating in a training capacity under the guidance of the instructor.


  • Day I: Saturday March 15  8:45 am – 4:30 pm
  • Day II: Saturday, March 22 8:45 am – 4:30 pm
  • Location: Sport for Life Centre,  145 Pacific Avenue

Instructor:  Arlene Woodcock

National Road Commissaire, Canada Cycling Commissaire Learning Facilitator, Canada Cycling Chief Road/Cross Commissaire, Manitoba Cycling Association

To Register for the course please contact Arlene Woodcock via email at :


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2014 Race Calendar Meeting – Thankyou/Next Steps

Race calendar






Thank you to everyone that attended the race calendar meeting last evening (Jan 15th) and provided interest in hosting a race event this season. We had approx. 25 in attendance last evening, which was a very good turn-out despite weather conditions.

The purpose of the January meeting is to determine a structure for the race calendar to support all disciplines.

The first draft of the race calendar is now in the works with some fine tuning to be completed over the next 2 weeks.


1)Disciplines Directors will follow-up with Race organizers to resolve any date conflicts/date changes.

2)Race Dates will be posted on the MCA website by Jan 31,2014.

3)Race Organizers start to work on Event plans. Event Planning Summary Here

Race Organizer Tools:

Organizer reminders

Discipline Directors and Commissaures (2014)

Calendar Setting Policy

Event Information:

Race info part 1

Race info part 2

Race info part 3




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2013 Annual Awards Banquet – Nov 9 (5:30pm) “The Roblin Centre”

Awards powerpoint photo(CLICK HERE)


WHEN:Saturday, November 9th


  • The “Roblin Centre” located at the Red River Community College (Exchange District Campus)
  • Address: 160 Princess Street/Winnipeg
  • (Please use Princess and Elgin Entrance)
  • Parking information (Here)

Online registration for tickets closes at 12 midnight on Nov 3.  Please contact the MCA office for further details: 204-925-5686.


  • 4:00pm – Annual General Meeting/Room P107 – Main Floor (Free of Charge. All MCA members welcome)
  • 5:30pm – Cocktails /The Roblin Centre Dining Hall/Main Floor: Use Elgin Street entrance. Parking details (here)
  • 6:30pm – Buffet Dinner
  • 7:30pm – Awards Presentations

Banquets tickets are available for purchase online before Nov 3 – midnight.

  • $35.00 per person
  • $15.00  for Under Age 13

Final Headcount must be provided to the venue by close of business on November 4.   Tickets will not be available for purchase once headcount is finialzed with vender. If there are any questions or concerns please contact the MCA office at 204-925-5686 or

Please note: “Paper” Banquet Tickets will not be printed.  Simply check-in at the MCA Welcome desk when you arrive.

Come celebrate the season with us !

MIKE APORIUS/WINNIPEG FREE PRESS -Red River College - 160 Princess May 07/2004











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Leading – Return to Sport Participation for Coaches

Clubs and Club coaches are playing a major role in the implementation of our return-to-sport plan. The coaching Association of Canada has just launched a Return to Sport Participation eLearning module that is a great resource for clubs and coaches. This is a new resource that could help contribute increase the level of readiness and comfort associated with a return-to-sport in cycling.  

  Leading a Return to Sport Participation eLearning module
The new Leading a Return to Sport Participation eLearning module is now available! After completing this module, coaches will understand their role in facilitating a return to sport and learn practical advice to apply when creating their own return-to-sport plan.
This eLearning module takes approximately 45 – 60 minutes to complete and is available for free in the Locker. Coaches who are maintaining their NCCP Certification will earn one NCCP PD point upon completion of this module.
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Are you a NEW Kids of Mud Coach? The final orientation is on April 18th

KOM Orientation (Online, facilitator lead)  NO COST

DATE: Sunday, April 18th from 9am to 10am REGISTER NOW!

There is no cost but you must register. Registration will CLOSE at 12:00 noon on April 17th


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Cycling Canada – April Newsletter

APRIL 2021
 Version française ci-dessous
 A letter from Cycling Canada’s CEO: Matthew Jeffries:

It’s now been a full year since the COVID-19 pandemic changed all of our lives. And one year later it continues to impact our ability to run events, attend races, and provide everything from grassroots to high performance programming. In spite of the many challenges, our team of coaches and staff across the country have done an amazing job adapting and developing the necessary safeguards to ensure our athletes can continue to train safely. Needless to say we’re all optimistically hoping for a summer with a lot more bike racing than last (including a couple of pretty major events in Tokyo).
Following the announcement of our new 10-year strategic plan in February we have continued in our ongoing work to bring it to life. We wanted to take the opportunity to provide a little insight, through the lens of this new plan, into what we’ve been up to over the past month. As we move forward we’ll look to explore a new theme with you each month via this newsletter.
At it’s most basic level our new plan can be summarized through what we call the “virtuous circle” of sport development. And at the centre of this circle sits the Community, so that seems like a logical place to start. Communication is one of the easiest ways to start building a more cohesive community, and newsletters such as this are a perfect platform through which to do it more often.
So what does Community mean and how are we going about creating it?
Community means bringing people together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems, and that’s exactly what happened on March 21 with our HopOn Ride with Woodsy. Over 500 people joined us on Zwift to help promote the new HopOn national grassroots program and we were pleased to raise over $17,000 for youth cycling in the process. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of presenting sponsor Lexus as well as our gracious program ambassadors Haley Smith and Mike Woods. We’re grateful for their support and the support of all of those who participated and/or donated to the cause.
Developing and supporting a broader Community of Canadian talent is another big part of what we are aiming to do over the next 10 years. And it’s our goal to offer world class programming across all of our cycling disciplines, including those not on the Paralympic and Olympic program. Initial conversations amongst staff and coaches in this regard have been really exciting. Advancement Camps, Community Hubs and multi-discipline Development Programming have been topics of repeated discussion as our team continues to develop and define our program plans going forward. Equally important discussions are happening with our provincial partners who play such a vital role in the program design and delivery process.   
Community also means inclusion. For a sport with the demographic profile of cycling this can be a delicate and sensitive subject. As a starting point it’s important for us to be honest in acknowledging where we currently stand. Whether it’s diversity in gender, race, sexual orientation or disability, these are all areas where we can do better, both as a sport and as an organization. While we can’t address all of this at once, what we can do is be more intentional in opening up dialogue and conversation. On that front we are in the process of forming a national committee on Diversity and Inclusion to review our approach and identify initial areas for investment and improvement.
Looking ahead to April, we’re excited about a new type of Community we’re building. Our Club 1882 fundraising campaign will be an opportunity for our Canadian cycling community to get engaged and help us in putting more kids on bikes and more Canadian cyclists on podiums. Cycling Canada Board Member (and Gracious Champion-in-Chief) Curt Harnett has been the driving force behind this exciting movement and we’re looking forward to sharing more info with you upon the official program launch.
On behalf of our senior management team,
Matthew Jeffries 

Zwifters from all over the country were invited to join us on March 21 for the HopOn Ride with Woodsy presented by Lexus. With the help and support of over 500 riders, including HopOn ambassadors Haley Smith (Mountain Bike) and Mike Woods (Road), we were able to raise over $17,000 for the program, which will be launched in several provinces over the summer. In addition to the ride, Cycling Canada hosted a live Q&A with Mike Woods and Olympic cross-country skier, Devon Kershaw. The full conversation can be found on our YouTube channel.

We saw plenty of great racing this past month as the WorldTour season officially kicked off. Israel Start-Up Nation’s Mike Woods led the way to a podium finish during the Volta Catalunya, capturing silver in the queen stage and finishing 11th overall.

Despite the cold rainy weather, Hugo Houle saw a career best at Tirreno-Adriatico finishing 13th overall with Team Astana – Premier Tech. Other impressive finishes include Liv Racing’s Alison Jackson at Gent-Wevelgem, who got back up after crashing into a ditch to finish 46th.

We’re excited to announce that Shawn Clarke has been hired as our new Elite Road Manager. Currently residing in Girona, Spain, Clarke brings valuable experience and expertise to the role. Clarke will be working alongside Richard Wooles and will be focusing on supporting Canadian road professionals and managing athletes at the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Road World Championships.

Hugo Houle finishes 13th at the Tirreno-Adriatico stage race in Italy
Photo Credit: Astana-Premier Tech 

Working alongside local organizing committees and our provincial and territorial cycling associations, Cycling Canada made the difficult decision to cancel and postpone some of our upcoming events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Any changes made to the calendar can be found on the Event Status Updates page and additional updates will be communicated in May.


Monday Open Ride
Every Monday April 5 – April 26

Tuesday Women’s Ride
Every Tuesday April 6 – April 27

Wednesday Race Series
Every Wednesday April 7  – April 28

Cycling Canada Crit #3
April 28

April 11

La Flèche Wallonne/ La Flèche Wallonne Féminine
April 21

UCI E-MTB World Cup #1 & #2 
April 24-25

Liège-Bastogne-Liège/ Liège-Bastogne-Liège Feminine 
April 25

We are proud to be part of a dynamic and outstanding cycling community whose many achievements and contributions go beyond performances on the bike. In an effort to recognize some of these many noteworthy achievements, Cycling Canada would like to highlight the following individuals and accomplishments:Israel StartUp Nation’s Mike Woods has made the commitment to limit his carbon footprint by pledging to be carbon neutral during the 2021 WorldTour season. Part of his plan is to adapt his eating habits, race preparations and travel. The 2021 UCI and Cycling Canada trade teams are now official. This year, 13 teams will be competing internationally in road, downhill and cross-country.RBC Training Ground athlete Lucy Hempstead and RealDeal Racing member Heather Pentrick rode for an impressive 24 hours during the Crush COVID ride, completing a combined distance of 1,745 kilometres on Zwift. Hempstead officially broke the Guinness World Record for greatest distance on a static bike in 24 hours by a woman. Olympian and World Championship medalist Emily Batty has partnered with Canyon Bikes to officially launch the Canyon MTB Racing Team. The team will be comprised of Batty and U23 champ, Laurie Arseneault for the 2021 season.We celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8 by highlighting some of the incredible athletes, coaches and staff at Cycling Canada.Para-cycling athlete Keely Shaw just finished off a training block at the Mattamy National Cycling Center with track coaches Jenny Trew and Jono Hailstone, where she managed to shave 10 seconds off her pursuit time. The federal government announced a $400 million fund to help make paths across the country more accessible and to expand the current network. The funding will allow for more active transportation while limiting barriers to access. Sport BC recently celebrated their 54th annual Athlete of the Year awards where NextGen mountain bike athlete Carter Woods won Junior Male Athlete of the Year and Cathy Zeglinksi won Master Athlete of the Year.CYCLING BC VIRTUAL RACE SERIES 
Cycling BC is launching their Virtual Race series running from April 3-May 1. Racing will be on the RGT Cycling virtual platform and is open to anyone with a PSO licence.

Cycling Canada recently announced a three-year partnership with Canadian company GiBLI—a global leader in real-time aerodynamics. With the use of their censor technology, road and track athletes will be able to get real-time data to improve their position and ultimately go faster. Their state-of-the-art technology will be incredibly beneficial ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Games.   

With the weather getting nicer and weekend-long cycling trips on the horizon, we’re teaming up with Rack Attack to give away a brand new bike rack. Head over to our Instagram to see contest details on how you could win a new rack valued up to $500. 

Cycling Canada announces it’s 3-year partnership with GiBLI 
Photo Credit: Andrea Wooles 

The Shifting Gears blog provides a platform for our staff, athletes, board and community members to write about interesting topics and ideas. Last month Laura Brown shared her experience making the shift from athlete to coach and her journey in a male-dominated profession. Our High Performance Director, Kris Westwood, also reflects on the past year and his predictions on what the future of racing in the 2021 season will look like.  
If you are passionate about cycling and interested in contributing to the blog, please reply to this email.

AVRIL 2021
 Une lettre du directeur exécutif de Cyclisme Canada, Matthew Jeffries:

Il y a un an, la pandémie de COVID-19 a changé nos vies. Un an plus tard, la pandémie continue à avoir un impact sur notre capacité à organiser des événements, à assister à des courses et à livrer des programmes, que ce soit au niveau du développement ou de la haute performance. Malgré les nombreux défis, notre équipe d’entraîneurs et de personnel à travers le pays a fait un travail incroyable en adaptant et en développant les protocoles nécessaires pour s’assurer que nos athlètes continuent à s’entraîner en toute sécurité. Cela va sans dire que nous espérons tous avoir un été avec beaucoup plus de courses de vélo que l’année dernière (y compris quelques événements assez importants à Tokyo).
Suite à l’annonce de notre nouveau plan stratégique en février, nous continuons de mettre des mesures en place afin de le concrétiser. Nous voulions profiter de cette occasion pour vous donner un petit aperçu de ce que nous avons fait au cours du dernier mois, et continuerons de vous tenir informés via cette infolettre à chaque mois.
À la base, notre nouveau plan peut se résumer à ce que nous appelons le « cercle vertueux » du développement du sport. Au centre de ce cercle se trouve la Communauté, le point de départ logique. La communication est l’un des moyens les plus simples de commencer à créer une communauté plus cohérente, et les infolettres sont une plateforme idéale pour le faire plus souvent.
Alors, que signifie vraiment Communauté et comment allons-nous la créer?
Pour nous, la Communauté est l’acte de rassembler les gens et d’entreprendre une action collective afin de trouver des solutions à des problèmes communs. C’est exactement ce qui s’est passé le 21 mars dernier avec notre sortie HopOn Ride with Woodsy, où plus de 500 personnes se sont jointes à nous sur Zwift pour aider à promouvoir le nouveau programme Embarquez, nous permettant ainsi d’amasser plus de 17 000 $. Cela n’aurait pas été possible sans le soutien du commanditaire principal Lexus ainsi que des ambassadeurs du programme Haley Smith et Mike Woods. Nous sommes reconnaissants de leur soutien et du soutien de tous ceux qui ont participé et/ou ont fait un don. 
Développer et soutenir une communauté plus vaste d’athlètes canadiens est un autre élément important de notre plan pour les 10 prochaines années. Notre objectif est d’offrir une programmation de classe mondiale pour toutes nos disciplines cyclistes, y compris celles qui ne font pas partie du programme paralympique et olympique. Les premières conversations entre le personnel et les entraîneurs à cet égard ont été vraiment constructives. Les camps d’avancement, les centres communautaires et les programmes de développement multidisciplinaires ont fait l’objet de nombreuses discussions alors que notre équipe continue de développer et de définir nos plans pour l’avenir. Des discussions toute aussi importantes ont lieu avec nos partenaires provinciaux qui jouent un rôle vital dans le processus de conception et d’exécution des programmes.
La communauté, c’est aussi l’inclusion. Bien que cela puisse être un sujet délicat et sensible pour un sport avec un profil démographique comme le nôtre, il est important que nous soyons honnêtes en reconnaissant où nous en sommes actuellement. Qu’il s’agisse de diversité de genre, de race, d’orientation sexuelle ou de handicap, ce sont tous des domaines dans lesquels nous pouvons faire mieux, à la fois en tant que sport et en tant qu’organisation. Bien que nous ne puissions pas aborder tout cela à la fois, nous pouvons initier le dialogue et la conversation. Nous sommes présentement en train de former un comité national sur la diversité et l’inclusion pour revoir notre approche et identifier les domaines initiaux d’investissement et d’amélioration.
En ce qui concerne le court terme, nous sommes excités par un nouveau type de communauté que nous sommes en train de bâtir. Notre campagne de financement Club 1882 sera l’occasion pour notre communauté cycliste canadienne de s’impliquer et de nous aider à initier plus d’enfants au vélo, tout en atteignant plus de podiums. Curt Harnett, membre du conseil d’administration de Cyclisme Canada, a été la force motrice de ce mouvement et nous sommes impatients de partager plus d’informations avec vous lors du lancement officiel du programme.
Au nom de notre équipe de direction,
Matthew Jeffries 

Les cyclistes de partout au pays ont été invités à se joindre à nous le 21 mars dernier pour la sortie HopOn Ride with Woodsy présentée par Lexus. Grâce à l’aide et au soutien de plus de 500 cyclistes, dont les ambassadeurs Embarquez Haley Smith (vélo de montagne) et Mike Woods (route), nous avons amassé plus de 17 000 $ pour le programme qui sera disponible dans plusieurs provinces au cours de l’été.

En plus de la sortie, Cyclisme Canada a organisé une séance de questions-réponses en direct avec Mike Woods et le fondeur olympique Devon Kershaw. 

Après plusieurs mois sans courses, la saison de cyclisme sur route a officiellement repris le mois dernier à travers l’Europe. Mike Woods de l’Israël Start-Up Nation a débuté la saison en force en finissant deuxième lors de l’étape 4 de la Volta Catalunya et terminant la semaine 11e au classement général.

Malgré le temps froid et pluvieux, Hugo Houle s’est classé 13e de Tirreno-Adriatico, son meilleur résultat en carrière dans une course par étapes de ce niveau. Parmi les autres courses impressionnantes, on compte la 46e place d’Alison Jackson à Gent-Wevelgem après avoir chuté dans un fossé.

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que Shawn Clarke a été embauché en tant que nouveau gestionnaire du programme route élite. Clarke, qui est présentement basé en Espagne, compte plusieurs années d’expérience en tant qu’entraîneur et directeur sportif. Au cours des prochains mois, il travaillera aux côtés de Richard Wooles et sera en charge de soutenir les athlètes professionnels canadiens, ainsi que de gérer les athlètes aux Jeux olympiques et aux Championnats du Monde Route.

En collaboration avec les comités organisateurs locaux et nos associations cyclistes provinciales et territoriales, Cyclisme Canada a pris la décision difficile d’annuler et de reporter certains des événements au calendrier national en raison de la pandémie. Toutes les informations concernant les événements sont disponibles sur notre site Web et des mises à jour supplémentaires seront communiquées en mai.


Sorties de mise en forme (mixtes)

Tous les lundis du 5 avril au 26 avril

Sorties de mise en forme (femmes seulement)
Tous les mardis du 6 avril au 27 avril

Série de courses du mercredi soir
Tous les mercredis du 7 avril au 28 avril

Critérium #3
29 avril

11 avril

La Flèche Wallonne/ La Flèche Wallonne Féminine
21 avril

Coupe du Monde E-MTB UCI #1 & #2
24-25 avril

Liège-Bastogne-Liège/ Liège-Bastogne-Liège Féminine 
25 avril

James Palmer à Rock Hill le week-end dernier, où il a participé à sa première course de la saison
Crédit photo: BMX Pro Race 

Nous sommes fiers de faire partie d’une communauté cycliste dynamique et exceptionnelle dont les nombreuses réalisations et contributions vont au-delà des performances sur le vélo. Dans le but de reconnaître certaines de ces nombreuses réalisations remarquables, Cyclisme Canada aimerait féliciter les personnes et réalisations suivantes:Mike Woods de l’Israel StartUp Nation s’est engagé à réduire son empreinte carbone sur l’environnement durant sa saison 2021 en modifiant ses habitudes alimentaires, ses préparatifs de course et ses déplacements.Les groupes sportifs affiliés de l’UCI et de Cyclisme Canada sont désormais officiels. Cette année, 13 équipes de descente, route et cross-country prendront part aux courses nationales et internationales.L’athlète du Camp des recrues RBC Lucy Hempstead et Heather Pentrick, membre de RealDeal Racing, ont roulé pendant 24 heures lors de la levée de fonds Crush COVID, parcourant une distance combinée de 1745 kilomètres sur Zwift. Hempstead a officiellement battu le record du monde de la plus grande distance sur un vélo statique en 24 heures par une femme.L’olympienne Emily Batty s’est associée à Canyon Bikes pour officiellement lancer l’équipe Canyon MTB Racing Team. L’équipe sera composée de Batty et de la championne U23, Laurie Arseneault pour la saison 2021.Nous avons célébré la Journée internationale de la femme le 8 mars dernier en soulignant les incroyables athlètes, entraîneuses et membres du personnel de Cyclisme Canada.La paracycliste Keely Shaw vient de terminer un bloc d’entraînement au Centre national de cyclisme Mattamy, où elle a réussi à réduire son temps de poursuite de 10 secondes.Le gouvernement fédéral a annoncé un fonds de 400 millions de dollars pour aider à rendre les sentiers à travers le pays plus accessibles et à élargir le réseau actuel, contribuant ainsi au transport actif.Sport BC a récemment célébré son 54e prix annuel où l’athlète NextGen de vélo de montagne Carter Woods a remporté l’athlète masculin junior de l’année, alors que Cathy Zeglinksi a remporté le titre d’athlète maître de l’année.SÉRIE VIRTUELLE CYCLING BC 
Cycling BC lance sa nouvelle série de courses virtuelles du 3 avril au 1er mai. Les courses auront lieu sur la plateforme virtuelle RGT Cycling et sont ouvertes à toutes les personnes possédant une licence de leur OPTS.

Keely Shaw à l’entraînement au Centre national de cyclisme Mattamy 
Crédit photo: Cyclisme Canada 

Cyclisme Canada a récemment annoncé un partenariat de trois ans avec l’entreprise de technologie canadienne GiBLI. En tant que partenaire officiel en aérodynamique en temps réel, GiBLI permettra aux athlètes route et piste d’obtenir des données en temps réel afin d’optimiser leur position.

Le beau temps est à nos portes et c’est le temps de planifier votre prochain voyage à vélo. Pour vous faciliter la vie cet été, Cyclisme Canada s’est associé avec Rack Attack afin de vous offrir un tout nouveau porte-vélos. Rendez-vous sur notre page Instagram pour participer au concours et courir la chance de gagner un nouveau porte-vélos d’une valeur maximale de 500 $.

Le blogue Changement de Vitesse fournit une plateforme pour les athlètes, entraîneurs, experts, membres de notre personnel et de la communauté cycliste pour aborder des sujets et des idées intéressantes. Le mois dernier, Laura Brown a partagé son parcours d’athlète à entraîneuse dans un sport à prédominance masculine alors que Kris Westwood a passé en revue la dernière année et a partagé ses prédictions pour l’année à venir.

Si vous êtes passionnés par le vélo et que vous voulez contribuer au blogue, veuillez nous envoyer un courriel.FacebookTwitterYouTubeWebsiteInstagram

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Welcome new “Manitoba Cycling” clubs!

A warm welcome to three (3) new “Kids of Mud” cycling clubs who will be launching this fall!

Neepawa Kids of Mud

Northern Bike Company Club (Winnipeg)

Woodcock Cycle-Paths (Winnipeg)

This brings our current KOM Club count up to 16 and our current adult clubs to 14.

Full List of 2021 Clubs (Here)

Club Ride/Activity Reminders for Ride Leaders:

  1. Only pre-approved/sanctioned activities are covered by insurance. Please email your activity schedule to in advance.
  2. Keep a list of all participants on your ride
  3. Have an emergency action plan
  4. Club Try-outs are permitted for new members. A paper waiver must be signed in advance to the ride.

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NEW! Individual Sport Accident Coverage for MCA Members

The core insurance coverage provided by Manitoba Cycling to its members only applies during sanctioned activities, including races, club rides, and training. If individuals are training of their own volition, without the sanction of Manitoba Cycling, this training activity would not qualify for coverage.

Members who would like their individual training activities covered can now purchase a “buy-up” for an additional $20 to extend Sport Accident cover to these activities.

This valuable insurance coverage is an additional form of personal insurance above and beyond the accident coverage that is provided as part of your annual membership dues.

If you are an existing 2021 member you can add the Sport Accident Coverage to your membership here:!/memberships/manitoba-cycling-association-2021-annual-license-membership/post-process-store

If you haven’t purchased your 2021 membership yet, you can do so (and include the additional Sport Accident Coverage) here:!/memberships/builder-v2/manitoba-cycling-association-2021-annual-license-membership

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