Race Licenses Explained

In order to participate in sanctioned events it is a requirement to present your MCA membership.

Licenses and Memberships are valid for one calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31).

Cardless/Paperless Licenses

Members will now automatically receive a digital PDF copy of their licence as well as a new electronic format that can be integrated with digital wallet applications such as Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

An option for a printed card licence will be available for a fee.


General Membership (all ages):

A non-racing membership is required to participate in club rides, activities, and programs that do not involve racing. A general member may upgrade to a race license at anytime.

Winter General Membership

A winter General membership is now available from January 1 to March 31 for ½ the price of a general membership. Winter members may upgrade to an annual general membership or race license at anytime.


Manitoba Race License:

For competitors racing within the province of Manitoba only. Applicable for all MCA sanctioned race disciplines, ability levels, & race categories.

  • Eligible to collect Cup points.
  • Eligible to participate and podium at Provincial Championships.
  • May upgrade to a UCI Race license at anytime.
  • A photo upload is optional.

Adult Manitoba Race License: Age 17+
Youth Manitoba Race License: Age 9 to 16
Kids Manitoba Race License: U9


UCI Race License:

(Union Cycliste Internationale)

An International Race License is required for anyone racing outside of Manitoba. A
photo is required for this license type. This license type is available for all age groups
(U17 or Age 17+).


Technical Licenses:

For individuals qualified to perform technical functions within cycling events and organizations (e.g. Coach, Commissaire, Race Organizer are the most common types in Manitoba).

In order to have a technical designation on your license you must at minimum purchase a general membership or be a Manitoba or UCI / CCA license holder.

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Age Categories
Road Ability Level
Mtn Bike Ability Level
Cyclocross Category
Youth (U13, U15, U17)
Cat 5 (Beginner)
N = Novice
Cat 5 = Open
Cat 4
S = Sport
Cat 4 = C
Elite (23 & up)
Cat 3
E = Expert
Cat 3 = B
Masters (35+)
Cat 1 or 2 (Pro)
(no code) = Elite
Cat 1 or 2 = A

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Note: “Comp” in Mountain Bike is a code created in Manitoba only and does not exist as a National Ability Category, therefore you will not see it as an option when you select your ability levels.  Select “Sport” for your license ability level and select either Sport or Comp when you register for your race.

Submit an Upgrade Request

Racers who wish to upgrade their race category for the season should submit their upgrade request at the time of licence renewal.

Annual Club/MCA Affiliation:

Each club President or designate is required to affiliate with the MCA annually by January 31. This allows the club to organize ‘insured’ races, club rides, and club activities as long as activities are preapproved in advance. Affiliated clubs are promoted on the MCA and are eligible to apply for MCA directed funding.

Most clubs in Manitoba require individuals to be a member of their club. The cost of membership and process to collect memberships is determined by the club. Please contact your club(s) directly to discuss member requirements.

Single Event Day Permits

(for non-members who want to try racing)
  • Available for selected/MCA sanctioned events only
  • Event organizers must have specific event coverage in place through the MCA
  • Available for all ages and ability levels
  • Available for all ability categories
  • Eligible for Cup points
  • Eligible for Provincial Championships
  • A maximum of 3 day permits can be purchased per person, per year
  • May upgrade to a Manitoba License or UCI license at anytime

Optional “Individual Athlete Training” Insurance

  • For only $25.00 more per year, cyclists can add-on an extension of sport accident insurance for individual Athlete Training (often referred to as 24/7 insurance).
  • When purchasing your general membership or race license online you have the option to add-on this insurance through CCN at check-out.
  • If you would like more details about “Specialty insurance” available to you as a member of the Manitoba Cycling Association, please contact:

Peter Fetherston – Holman Insurance
Phone: (905) 886-5630 Ext 1428