Coaching Overview


Coaches are the mentors and leaders within the cycling sports who support riders as they develop and practice the sport. Coaches are involved in the athlete development process in a broad variety of ways, ranging from the very first introduction a new cyclist has to the sport, to the highest level of international competition, and everything between.

Like riders, coaches undergo a training process designed to assist them in developing the necessary skills and ethical behaviors to work with cyclists in their discipline and level of interest. Indeed, the term “Coach” refers to someone who has followed the standard training and certification progression for the sport. The standard coach certification and training program in Canada is the National Coaching Certification Program commonly referred to as NCCP.

In order to practice as a coach in Manitoba cycling sports, a person must meet all the requirements of the Manitoba Cycling “Responsible Coaching Standards”. This includes individual background checks (Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Registry Check), first aid training, Respect in Sport Training, and NCCP certification.

Coaching Resources

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Canadian Sports helpline  (contact by phone or text) 1-888-83-SPORT (77678)



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