Kids of Mud

Responsible Coaching Standards

Information about the “Responsible Coaching Standards” can be found on the MCA website under the Coaches & Officials tab. To go direct to this section (CLICK HERE). Information on how to complete coaching standards paperwork can be found (Paperwork Requirements).

First Aid – Mar 17 & Apr 7 (sorry April 7 is Cancelled)

Only a few spots left for both days! 12 Particpants maximum per course. Please register at least **ONE WEEK** in advance, as there is an online theory session that must be completed before the Practical training dates listed below. March

February – March MCA Coaching Newsletter

  Your February-March Coaching Newsletter can be downloaded by Clicking HERE If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter, please email us and let us know    

Community “Jumpstart” Grants

Did you know your community may be eligible for a Jumpstart Grants? Jumpstart Accessibility Grants offer two funding streams: 1)Accessibility-Enabling Grants, which provide eligible facilities with up to $50,000 for projects to adapt and enhance existing facilities. 2)Inclusive Design Innovation

Funding for Kids in Sport!

Did you know there are grant opportunities for kids in sport so that All Kids can Play! KidSport KidSport is a national charity administered by Sport Manitoba that helps remove barriers and assist less fortunate children participate in sport. KidSport