MCA Policies

Revisions in progress…



  • Appeal Policy
  • Asset Replacement 
  • Club Affiliation
  • Club Development Grant Policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Concussion Education and Awareness Program – PSOs
  • Conflict of Interest 
  • Discipline and Complaints
  • Duty-of-Directors
  • Electronic Voting
  • Equipment Policy
  • Financial Policy
  • Governance Approach Revised
  • Harassment Policy
  • Kids of Mud Program Leader Requirements Policy
  • Kids of Mud Program Leader Policy FAQ
  • Manitoba Cycling Association License in Process Policy
  • MCA By-Laws
  • Mountain Bike Categories
  • MTB Awards Criteria
  • Privacy Policy
  • Provincial Program Committee Policy (Jan 7,2020 version)
  • Race Calendar Setting Policy
  • Responsible Coaching Standards Policy – April 15, 2019 (version 3)
  • Sanction Policy
  • Social Media Policy

Concussion Protocol

Pre-season Concussion Education Sheet (includes return to school and return to Sport Strategy)

Concussion Recognition Tool 

Medical Assessment tool

Medical Clearance Letter

Sport Specific “Return to Play” Protocol 

Concussion 101 Video- A Primer for Kids and Parents (YouTube Video) 

Coach and Leader Education  NCCP Making Headway in Sport (coach/Manager online course)

What’s your Concussion IQ?  

Book a Concussion Workshop for your team or organization

Upcoming Events