COVID-19 Update: Occupany Limits Sport MB

COVID-19 Update: Occupancy Limits
Friday, October 23, 2020

Further to the COVID-19 updates shared with you this week specific to the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region immediately and the Northern Health Region as of Monday, October 26, the most recent update to Public Health Order 11 regarding sport and recreational activities includes the previously announced: requirement of two-metre separation between members of the public within the sporting or recreational facility, excluding participants while they are actively engaged in a sporting or recreational activity; and  the occupancy limitation of all portions of the facility where sporting or recreational activities are not conducted to 25% of the usual capacity We received clarification from the Province this afternoon that the occupancy limit is extended beyond the spectator area and includes dressing rooms, lobby, canteen, and all other spaces within the facility that are not the activity space/field of play.  This means for example, if a dressing room’s capacity is 20, under this occupancy limit, 5 people would be allowed in the room at once. Please continue to ensure your teams are observing the two metres’ physical distance between each other at all times in all spaces that are not the field of play.  Thank you for your cooperation in communicating these requirements to any teams and groups using the Sport Manitoba facility.