Important reminder – Officials, Coaches, & Race Organizers

A reminder that Technical Licenses are requirement for insurance purposes.

The most frequent Technical licenses in Manitoba are issued for Active Coaches, Officials,  and Race Organizers.

You will need to purchase either a non-racing General Membership or racing license (UCI or Citizen) and then “Add a Membership/Technical license” to your license.

Full description of Technical licenses (HERE)

Also, FYI, UCI has discontinued the use of the traditional ‘UCI code’ – in the format CANYYYMMDD – as an identification code for licence holders.  There is now a  UCI ID which is based on the assignment of a ‘lifetime’ unique identification number – 11 digits – for each UCI licence holder. The UCI ID is provided by the UCI to the national federation at the time of the first licence application by the rider. The use of the UCI ID is common to all cycling disciplines and is used for all official purposes: registration, results, rankings, anti-doping etc. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the MCA at 204-925-5686

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