Summer Games Test Event/MTB Provincials – SCHEDULE REVISION!

Please note changes in the schedule for the race tomorrow.  In particular, the U15 and U17 categories have changed.

Race Schedule

CategoryStart Time# of LapsTotal Distance
First Start – 8;30am
U9 M/W (7-8)8:30am2
U7 M/W (5-6)8:30am1
Second start – 9:15am
U13 (11-12) Men9:15am3
U13 (11-12) Women9:17am3
U11 M/W (9-10)9:19am2
Third start – 11:30am
Elite Men11:30am5
U23 / Junior Expert Men11:30am5
U17 (15-16) Men11:32am4
Elite Women11:34am4
U23  / Junior Expert Women11:34am4
U17 (15-16) Women11:34am3
Fourth start – 1:45pm
Expert Men1:45pm4
Expert Women1:46pm3
Comp Men1:48pm3
Senior Sport Men1:49pm3
Junior Sport Men1:50pm3
U15 (13-14) Men1:50pm3
Junior Sport Women1:52pm2
Comp Women1:53pm2
Senior Sport Women1:53pm2
U15 (13-14) Women1:54pm2
MB Citizen Men & Women1:55pm1