24 Hours at Falcon (MTB)

Date: July 15- 16, 2011

Website: http://www.24hoursoffalconridge.com/

The 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge is an 8 and 24-hour solo and team relay mountain bike event, beginning at noon on Saturday, July 16 and ending at noon on Sunday, July 17. Located in Falcon Lake, Manitoba, it’s the only mountain bike event of its kind in mid-western Canada.

Solo riders and relay teams compete for prizes and bragging rights. We’ll give you a weekend of camping, mountain biking, laughing, and huffing and puffing that you’ll never forget. Go it alone or get a team together with your friends, their friends and anyone else who wants to have fun. We’ll start you off at high noon on Saturday and you’ll be going around and around for 24 hours, straight on through the wee hours of the night and back into daylight again on Sunday. Or compete in our new 8 hour event as a solo rider or as part of a 2-person team.

Anyone who can ride a bike can do this…your team decides how many laps each person does—one or a whole bunch. So bring your camping gear, bike gear, and whatever else will keep you going. Come on out and get dirty with us!

$60 per person. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding solo or as part of a team, 8 hours or 24; it’s only going to cost you $60, or about 4¢ per minute if you do the 24 hour event.

We won’t turn you away if you show up on race day, and haven’t pre-registered. However, you’ll have to pay $75.


– Solo men & women
– 2 person team – two guys, two girls, a guy and a girl, whatever…
– 4 person team – four guys or four girls, whatever…
– 4 person mixed team – at least 1 female
– Corporate teams – 6-10 people of any age, sex, or fun factor

– Solo men & women
– 2 person team – two guys, two girls, a guy and a girl…

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN YOUR ENTRY FEE (all 8 and 24 hour riders)
– Camping
– Race license and insurance
– Freshly baked bread throughout the duration of the race and (for which we will have toasters as well as peanut butter and jam on hand) as well as cinnamon buns and muffins for Sunday’s post-race debrief—all courtesy of Falcon Lake Bakery Bistro
– Great memories


Register online here, or register in person on July 16th at a cost of $75


12:00 noon on Saturday, July 16th for all riders in both the 8 and 24 hour categories. How soon you should get to the venue before that depends on how much time you think you need to get ready for the race. The course will be open for pre-riding by early evening on Friday.


We have some awesome sponsors already lined up, so the prizing will be great, too. More details to come.

Included in your registration fee is event insurance insuring all riders for the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge mountain bike event. All riders will be required to submit a signed waiver form by the start of the event.

On-site camping and access to the Falcon Ridge Ski Area’s chalet is included as a part of your registration fee. Power will only be available for charging your headlights.

Mandatory – well-tuned mountain bike, helmet, minimum 200 lumen headlight, backup headlight (Maglites or the like will work), red rear flasher

Suggested – alarm clock, tent/trailer, fully charged batteries, bike tools, spare tubes, sleeping bag, pillow, clothing in layers, towel, ear plugs, bug juice, sun block, personal hygiene stuff, shoes, etc.


If you forget something, the shops of Falcon Lake are just up the road.

Pets…we prefer that you leave your pets at home, but if you absolutely must bring them, leashes are mandatory as is poop patrol.

Camping, toilets, water, showers, electricity for recharging your headlights.

Falcon Ridge is located on Falcon Lake, Manitoba – just off the #1 highway, a 1.5 hour drive east from Winnipeg – about 15 minutes from the Manitoba/Ontario border. Click to view/download a map.

Once you turn off Highway #1 into Falcon Lake, take the South Shore Road along the south end of the lake (past the golf course and the lumber yard). The race site and camping is located right at the end of the road, about a 15 minute drive from the highway.

If you or someone you know like your friend, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is interested in giving us a hand, let us know! We’ll put them to work! No worries – shifts are planned to run through the entire 24 hour time period so volunteers will have a chance to cheer and heckle. We appreciate any and all volunteer help. Without volunteers, we would not be able to run this event!


Email falconridge24@gmail.com

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